Letters - February 26, 2014

WRONG DECISION? Reader Coun Christian Cox fears a hotel is not the right thing for the former Yates's site
WRONG DECISION? Reader Coun Christian Cox fears a hotel is not the right thing for the former Yates's site
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Yates’s site

Bad idea?

I was very surprised and somewhat disappointed to hear the former Yates’s site is now being earmarked for a hotel.

The previous scheme which promised some much needed higher-end restaurants was an excellent scheme that would have really complemented Talbot Square.

It would never replace a historic building like the former Yates’s but nonetheless would have been just the sort of modern, exciting development our town centre has been crying out for.

I thought allocating a retail unit was a mistake as this cumulated in a convenience store acquiring the unit.

I felt a leisure or cafe usage would have been more appropriate.

But I feel a hotel is completely the wrong direction especially as I fear this will inevitably be another middle of the road chain such as Premier Inn or Holiday Inn type hotel.

Despite being a satisfied customer of these chains myself in the past I feel this would add nothing to Blackpool’s offer especially in such a prime development site.

All I can say is at least it is not another eyesore car park.

Coun Christian Cox

Sawley Avenue

South Shore

Fracking debate

Over fussing

In the latest survey the majority of the people consulted in the Fylde supported fracking.

This is no surprise to me because as a country we need to import more and more gas every year and I for one think our gas supply is very important.

None of us would ever want it turned off.

Given the potential reserves it would be utter madness not to explore and develop this important energy source which will bring money and industry to our area.

Cuadrilla has gone to great lengths to explain their plans and to calm people’s fears yet they are often misquoted.

For example one writer last week was concerned about chemical additives.

Yet at a recent Town Hall meeting of the three regulatory bodies (Department of Energy and Climate Change, Environment Agency and HSE) we were told that just one chemical additive will be used at the two Fylde sites and that is Polyacrylamide which is non-toxic, and used as a flocculent to treat drinking water.

A couple of days later I was able to check this personally with Francis Egan, Cuadrilla CEO, who confirmed it.

If the three regulatory bodies and the CEO say there will be just one safe additive used in the process please can we now put this particular argument to bed.

We need to give this industry room to get on with their important work and I personally believe that in a very few years we will wonder what all the fuss is about.

Coun Frank Andrews

Ribby with Wrea Ward

Restaurant noise

Quiet please

Some people might say I come from the generation that thinks ‘children should be seen and not heard’.

I truly believe that infant children should not be forced to wait for mum and dad to eat a meal and drink a lake dry.

They are not bad children, just bored out of their minds.

Then we have boisterous children that charge around willy nilly causing problems for waitresses and customers alike.

If these children can not be barred from the establishment and mum and dad ‘need’ to go out for a meal, make alternative arrangements for the children.

Parties for birthdays etc are a different matter but us ‘normal’ customers should be informed, then we can choose if we want to be disturbed during our meal.

Should the wine guzzlers not be reminded , as the smokers were, of the long term health problems of excessive wine drinking. ie diabetes.

Wine is drunk nowadays as we used to drink pop.

So come on let’s have some quiet restaurants where we can enjoy a meal.

Derek Bolton

Ashfield Road


New sainsbury’s


The Pets at Home Store moving to the former Comet Superstore and the opening of the new Sainsbury’s in Blackpool are great retail job opportunities for people from all backgrounds and age groups.

When I left school in 1988 my first proper job was a YTS salesperson at Comet on Holyoake Avenue.

During those valuable few years I learned a lot about communication skills, which later helped me to become a full time musician and entertainer.

Stephen Pierre

Abingdon Street


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