Letters - February 25, 2016

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Don’t take away such a precious resource

There has been talk locally that, due to potential funding cuts in the Fylde, the local library in Ansdell is under threat of closure.

This little library is the lifeblood of this community, and is very proactive in providing invaluable services for locals, from young mothers and their pre-school children to older residents through book review clubs and tea and chat mornings.

The enthusiastic and committed team at the library also runs activities for local children and adults during the school holidays, and puts on lots of cultural events.

Should it be withdrawn from service it would be a significant loss for residents 
in Ansdell across the board, and it would be a terrible shame.

Please save our library!

Diane Silva



Put post through the letterbox please

I feel horrified that today I have noticed leaflets/correspondence hanging out of post boxes in residential homes around the Albert Road /Regent Road area of Blackpool.

As some of these properties are empty, it advertises the fact that the properties may be unoccupied. As a few of the neighbouring properties have been stripped of anything sellable this is a serious problem which should be addressed immediately.

If you deliver post/leaflets please ensure you do the work correctly.

Name and address supplied


Is it in EU’s interest for us to stay?

Why can’t the English (specifically politicians) be less arrogant and conceited?

Cameron (English, isn’t he?) returns from Brussels claiming he has the best deal for Britain to reform the European Union.

Surely it is then, in the European Union’s best interests to keep Britain in the European Union. Not the other way around.

Robin Parker

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It’s time for the PM to get real on EU

If Mr Cameron thinks he has a good deal over the European Union, he’s in cloud cuckoo land.

The beaurocrats in Brussels will VETO everything he has applied for and so will EU courts,the most corrupt fraudulent organisation in the world.

Get real Mr Cameron, join the Brexit and save yourself from any more embarrassment – poor man.

Joseph Horrobin

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