Letters - February 25, 2015

Andy Pasquill is having to move his pet store away from Layton due to a lack of footfall and a general decline in the area
Andy Pasquill is having to move his pet store away from Layton due to a lack of footfall and a general decline in the area
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Layton shopping centre


Andy Pasquill has painted a very black picture of Layton (‘I’m Quitting’, Gazette 
February 17), none of it true.

It definitely isn’t a ghost town, we don’t have lots of empty shops in Layton shopping centre.

The shops we have are all well kept and very busy. He needs to start by cleaning up his own shop front.

We do have lots of druggies in Layton and the rest of Blackpool – the same as any other town.

But prostitutes prefer to be in Palatine Road or Central Drive where there is a bigger footfall.

Believe me, there is no threat to his business from either of these types of people.

And I have news for Mr Pasquill, there are probably druggies and prostitutes in Kirkham (where he is moving to), too, as there are in every other town.

Mrs S. Farrell


Labour’s energy pledge


I’ve just been told about a 
Labour Party leaflet that is being delivered locally and I nearly choked on my cornflakes.

Labour are still pledging to freeze energy prices until 2017 – have they not noticed the downward trend in oil prices or the fact energy companies are cutting their prices and lowering our bills?

If they had been in a position to have brought this gimmick of a law into force we would now all be locked into paying more for our energy for the next two years.

The trouble with gimmick policies is they are just that, a gimmick, drawn up on the back of an envelope with no thought to the consequences.

Labour just cannot be trusted, they have not learnt and they have no plan except tomorrow’s headlines.

Howard Ballard


Hard-working MP


If the Conservatives can’t get the leaflets out as Marcus Polakova suggests (‘Complacent?’Your Say February 20), why bother.

We in Blackpool South have one of the best hard-working MPs there is.

He works for all his constituents, not just the people who vote for him.

He cares for rich and poor, helps with any problems you have and supports good causes and charities (which we need more and more of after five years of Cameron’s cronies only caring for the tax avoiding rich).

Plus he is one of the most honest MPs when it comes to his expenses.

Mr Polakova says it is a safe Labour seat.

Well it didn’t used to be until Gordon Marsden was elected in 1997.

He is the best thing that happened to Blackpool South.

Mary Flinders

Annan Crescent


Thornton is gridlocked

No new road

Gazette (January 19) quoted Coun Maxine Chew saying ‘Traffic jams have been an issue here for 30 years’, hence my comment in my previous letter on the three-decade farce.

Now she claims it’s six decades (Your Say February 16).

Such a failure to resolve this problem is all the more unforgivable.

Her inference that I implied she was a Wyre councillor is erroneous. I implied no such thing.

Gazette (April 6 2007) stated the yellow route was the preferred option by the public, the government and the traffic experts.

Is Coun Chew an expert on traffic, what are her qualifications? Why did she oppose it, supporting the blue route which the government opposed due to an additional junction on the M55?

Gazette (February 29 2008) reported the blue route had no chance, and Coun Chew’s 
opposition to the yellow route.

The blue route was eventually accepted by the government, but too late! The money went to Morecambe for its bypass.

Was her decision to reject the yellow route anything to do with the location of the yellow route being too close to Singleton?

Coun Chew offers a discussion to this problem. I would be delighted for her to attend the Lecture Theatre in Thornton, along with this year’s prospective election candidates, debating the issue with myself with an audience in attendance.

Tragically, the politics of myopic parochialism wedded to nimbyism has catastrophically cost North Fylde a road solution that was offered on a plate.

Now Fleetwood has died, Thornton is a gridlocked shambles, run by a council determined to build thousands more houses, annulling any improvements to the A585.

Coun Chew would do well to remember this every time she looks out on to Mains Lane at the stationary traffic.

Chris Feast

Victoria Road