Letters - February 24, 2014

Blackpool Transport bus
Blackpool Transport bus
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Bus network


On the commercial bus network there is too much waste.

I wrote to Blackpool Transport about the unnecessary duplication with service 1 with the trams and they say this is to prevent competition from other operators.

This may be true in summer but not in winter. Service 1 must be haemorrhaging money with only two or three people on board in winter evenings, whilst areas at the back of St Annes are left stranded.

Some areas have full 10 minute morning services while others have nothing until 8am.

Surely there’s demand for something before 8am in all areas but a full 10 minute service is rather extravagant until 7 or 7.30am.

Some buses are leaving the depot to run empty or ‘dead’. I believe some tea-time buses dump their passengers at Pilling Crescent terminus and run through Grange Park empty to return to the depot.

Cat and mouse services – services 3 and 4 used to run between town and Bispham every 10 minutes, now both ways they race each other before there is a 20 minute gap until the next bus.

Some buses on Whitegate Drive race each other to Oxford Square, yet there’s no bus to West Park Drive,

I spoke to one of the management team about the idea of splitting up routes in the evenings in order to serve communities. But he said they didn’t want to confuse customers. However it is better than leaving entire swathes without transport.

I don’t know how services running on duplicate or dead can ever make a profit.

John Sullivan

(by email)

Airport development

No change

I completely agree with Jenny Lambert (Your Say February 20) who asks where is the money going in regard to Blackpool Airport.

I travel to the Isle of Man regularly and haven’t seen much change in the last 18 months.

I wrote to the airport for answers and got no response.

Just last week Manx people were complaining both about the £10 charge and the fact you cannot even get a drink until you go through security.

Sue Whiteside

Windsor Avenue


Dementia care


I can understand the concern Mark Menies has about dementia care (Politically Correct February 19), but I can only reply about my own experience when my late wife was afflicted by this terrible disease.

Social Services got involved straight away and I got the highest level of support.

Eventually she was taken into care at Nightingales Care Home where she received care from a highly dedicated staff who have a most difficult job.

In her few normal moments she would ask how did I find such a good hotel.


Hazelwood Close


Afraid of democracy?


The former High Sheriff of Lancashire Keith Gledhill has called for councils to be “more democratic” and return to the committee system of decision making (Gazette February 10).

I agree with him. In our current cabinet system almost all decisions are made by the cabinet member responsible for that particular council department.

Yes there is a scrutiny committee but, in reality it is almost impossible to change a decision once it has been made.

This leaves all the power in very few hands.

In Blackpool we elect 42 councillors to represent us, who could, when we had a committee system, debate the issues before the committee made their decision.

This has I’m sorry to say all gone.

The residents of Fylde have recently collected enough signatures to force their council to hold a referendum on returning to the committee system.

The only argument I have heard in favour of the cabinet system is that it speeds up decision making, but is this democratic? I would argue it is not.

Coun Blackburn (Labour Leader on Blackpool Council) states the committee system leads to “stagnation and procrastination”.

I would argue that it worked well in Blackpool for over a 100 years.

So to be more democratic the people of Blackpool should directly elect the cabinet as they hold the power.

More easily we can allow all our elected councillors to take an active part in the council’s decision-making.

So, Coun Blackburn, I have to ask: Do you not believe in democracy or are you afraid of it?

Kevan Benfold

Cornwall Avenue

North Shore

Treated with dignity


My husband has just left Blackpool Victoria Hospital after a serious operation.

Nothing was too much trouble for the nurses and they treated him with dignity, at 83-years-old.

Thank you to you all.