Letters - February 23, 2011

The last Stena Line ferry leaving Fleetwood
The last Stena Line ferry leaving Fleetwood
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FOLLOWING the loss of freight ferries out of Fleetwood, I would like to see more tourist services use the port.

Perhaps trips to Barrow and the Lake District are ambitious, but Morecambe bay cruises have been popular in the past.

As for Northern Ireland, I often tried to use StenaLine to travel to Larne, but the firm was only interested in people with vehicles – not foot passengers, and this could not have helped the business. Especially after Ryanair pulled out from Belfast airports and our own Blackpool airport which continues to attract negative feedback, the long sail might not have been such a bad thing.

While no-one wants Fleetwood port to silt up completely, an advantage might be the ability to walk if not jump across to Knott End.


Davenport Avenue


The road system is so congested, walking will soon be the only option. Thanks Council for such a great job. Bet the visitors who come at Easter will be really impressed. Still they can admire the ridiculous Wedding Chapel, which is being built, despite virtually nobody thinking it’s a sane idea.


To leave the car you need to provide adequate car parking which you don’t, does anyone in the council even live in Blackpool?


Asking people to walk down the lights is a great idea.

Going down the lights by car is my favourite way, but it can be a bit awkward when you get stuck behind a coach for two miles.

But asking me to walk into the town centre at night to see Brilliance and St John’s Square is like asking me to get out and stand by an erupting volcano.

I just wouldn’t do it.


The Government are looking into moving the clocks on two hours.

With darkness falling one hour later, tourists will have to stay later and spend more.

There will also be a saving of one hours electricity per night.

Blackpool could be onto a winner. A park and ride near Starr Gate would help.


Who Cares. Walking the lights is the best way to do it.

Vehicles can just sit in one place for 20 minutes or more.

It would be great if Blackpool Transport would put all of their trams on the route, and maybe even bring some more trams in.

Steve James