Letters - February 20, 2013

Central Car Park, Blackpool.
Central Car Park, Blackpool.
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THERE is a business in Blackpool, established for 30 years, whose opening times were originally 11am to 12.30am.

The present opening times are 11am to 1pm and 6pm to 10pm.

The afternoon business, which would normally serve 20 to 35 customers, is now non-existent and evening business between 10pm and 12.30pm is virtually non-existent. That is a loss of between 40 to 60 customers.

The owner says the reason for this is the cost of parking and bad access to the town centre.

He also stated after 10pm, the town centre is like a ghost town.

This business is very likely to close down in the near future.

This trend must be reversed.

We must draw more people to the town centre - we cannot afford to lose long established businesses such as this.



OH the irony, two Blackpool Tory councillors complaining about the recent £5,000 cut to ward budgets.

I don’t know if councillors Galley and Williams have been living in a bubble for the last three years because if they have not they might have noticed that their party in government has been very busy cutting anything that moves in order to bail out their banker pals.

In particular Tory local government minister, Eric Pickles, has imposed an appallingly unfair budget settlement on Blackpool Council and most other councils serving economically deprived areas; in contrast to most (mainly Tory) councils serving affluent areas which have received much more generous settlements.

It is part of the ConDem strategy to devolve blames for the cuts to local government, which they are ripping apart.

They must not be allowed to get away with this.

Rather than moaning to The Gazette I would suggest councillors Galley and William’s time would be better spent using whatever influence they have within their party to oppose this unjust policy and to persuade Chancellor Osborne to desist in his pursuit of failed Sado-economic austerity.


Publicity officer,

Blackpool Against Cuts.

RECENTLY at the junction of Talbot Road and Devonshire Road in Blackpool, I was accused of going through the lights on red.

I’ve studied this since then.

The right turn is a long one so when there are two or three vehicles filtering right, invariably the last one goes through on red.

I’m a 24 hour carer so I haven’t the time to go to the council.

Maybe other people have been ambushed there?


Ripon Road,