Letters - February 2, 2015

The new main entrance at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.
The new main entrance at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.
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The best of the NHS


My employment background is in social services, so I am fully aware of the principles of ‘good practice’.

During a recent stay over the New Year on Ward 11 at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, what I observed from all staff was way beyond that – it was practice ‘par excellence’.

Much as I don’t want to single out individuals, ward sister Leanne exhibits everything you want from a senior nurse – skill, professionalism and fantastic bedside manner.

Ward 11 is an extremely busy ward, with patients presenting serious physical and mental health issues.

The staff commence the working day with good humour, comradeship and a commitment to care and support. That mindset is still there at the end of a long shift.

I have seen staff eat into their break times to sit with very sick ladies, holding their hands.

Should the trust be looking for a candidate for nurse or ward staff of the year, you will be spoilt for choice on this ward. The team represents all the very best that you need and want from the NHS.

Christine Cooper


Keep fighting fracking


I have got immense admiration for the people fighting Cuadrilla.

I was getting despondent being British, seeing how soft this country is going, for example letting the EU dictate to us on everything.

It is alright saying the British have a big heart, but the big heart should begin in this country.

It is the same with fracking, most of those for fracking are business people.

So my message for Lancashire is keep fighting on everybody, and up with the British.

Paul Jones

Anchorsholme Lane


Supporting dog rescue

Loving pets

As a patron of Dogs Trust, I’m writing to say a big thank-you to players of People’s Postcode Lottery for the £175,000 award given to help the charity care for more stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs this year.

Dogs Trust looks after more than 17,000 dogs of all shapes and sizes every year across its 21 rehoming centres.

The average cost of caring for a dog over the course of a year is around £1,275 and this award will go towards providing vital care.

This can include neutering and microchipping, vaccinations and medical bills along with bedding, toys and the costs of transporting dogs for rehoming.

As Dogs Trust never puts a healthy dog to sleep, the charity makes additional efforts provide a comfortable, stimulating environment for the dogs to keep them happy in kennels while they await new homes.

As a dog owner myself, I know how much love and companionship they can provide.

If you’re missing some love in your life, and think you could have time to offer a home to a dog, please consider a rescue from Dogs Trust.

Your local rehoming centre will be happy to help advise on the best dog for you.

John Barrowman

Entertainer and proud owner of Captain Jack and Harris

Energy schemes

Duty of care

I read with interest about the visit of Caroline Flint, shadow secretary of state for energy and climate change to Fleetwood.

It would seem to me the Labour MP for Doncaster would be happy to sell the people of Fleetwood and Over Wyre down the river to the benefit of Halite’s ridiculous gas storage scheme.

I feel she needs to be reminded that this company, in whichever format, as Canatxx or Halite, has had no less than four planning application refused.

This is because the majority of expert opinion says this scheme is unsafe.

Mrs Flint needs to understand the people of this area have been fighting this proposal for 10 years. We don’t want the prospect of sitting on a timebomb.

‘Balancing’ the national need doesn’t cut it for us.When Joan Humble was our MP, I talked with her and she was against this gas storage scheme.

I would now like to see the area’s Labour councillors supporting the people’s objections to this scheme.

In our area we have a large water treatment plant, a landfill site and also large recycling plants.

Put this with Halite’s scheme and shale gas fracking potentially damaging our water supply, and our lovely Fylde coast is being destroyed by these big companies.

As for the job creation these companies talk about, I see it only as minimal. Most of the employees for schemes of this nature are brought in to the area, with only a small number of jobs available for local people.

Halite will no doubt continue its quest to get its gas storage scheme approved. After all these planning applications, someone in authority should be able to say enough is enough.

I am in the process of writing to Mrs Flint to explain that while she is comfortable in her Westminster office and South Doncaster constituency home, she has a duty of care to the people of the Fylde coast.

Chris Walsh

Alder Court