Letters - February 19, 2016

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How many more dogs need to die?

Residents of Hawley Gardens in Thornton are very concerned about the “possibility” that the land on which their houses are built could be contaminated.


How many more dogs need to die?

Residents of Hawley Gardens in Thornton are very concerned about the “possibility” that the land on which their houses are built could be contaminated.

The land, previously used by ICI , was labelled “Europe’s most chemically contaminated site” by an engineer involved in clearing the site.

Pets have been euthanised because of cancers and people have complained that grass will not grow in their gardens.

Small wonder that they are worried about the health of children who will naturally want to play in those gardens!

Obviously their fears may be unfounded but until there is an investigation and the area is given the all clear they will continue to worry for their family’s health.

Sadly they are receiving little support from those authorities who we would expect to act to protect us.

The council complacently refer to investigations carried out before our houses were built but refuse to investigate current fears.

The fact that we have had an inordinate amount of rain which could cause contaminants to leach to the surface is totally ignored.

Do we have to have more pets die before they take action?

Wyre stand to gain almost £2m from the Government from House Build Bonus to encourage them to pass building applications .

Why can’t a little of that be invested in the health of local electors and lay this ghost?

Name and address 


Thank you to Layton Lodge Care Home

I was pleased to read John Munro’s letter of praise for Layton Lodge Care Home.

John is right Blackpool will have many good care homes and I name the Chaseley, 404 North Promenade, as one. It is managed by Mr and Mrs MRooker and their wonderful team of carers.

My wife Lillian was a care resident there for two and a half years until her sad passing and I owe to all of them an impalpable debt of gratitude for the care and kindness they gave her during the final chapter of her life.

Mr J Summerfield

Norbeck Road



We need a politcal earthquake...

Bravo! Well done DBW of Poulton! (Your say, February 13).

I’m sure there must be many of us who believe it is time to speak out forcefully concerning our sovereignty and freedom. We need to stir up the latent patriotism which seems to be in hiding. Why do we seem so coy?

Why do we cringe under the dictatorship of Brussels? Have we really lost our national pride?

The ‘stay ins’ would have us fear leaving, but by far should be the fear of becoming absorbed into a federal Europe with the inevitable diktats.

Mr Cameron’s feeble attempts at renegotiating have only tinkered around the edges. We would still not have full sovereignty.

Where is the strong personality needed to lead us away from the abyss?

What we desperately need is a political earthquake.

Charles Fletcher

The Spinney



Let’s hear what
people want

Could I make the suggestion for a new page or half a page on what Blackpool people want.

Such things as a park and ride for people out of town. For example the old Devonshire Hospital ground would be ideal or land next door to the airport which is not being used, other possible sites are land on the old Pontin’s site and land at Marton where the car boot sales are held.

Frank Johnson


South Shore


He’s wrong on tram 

Gordon McCann’s statement that Wyre Council taxpayers were being asked to pay £314,000 towards maintenance of the tram tracks is totally untruthful and he is once again trying to mislead the residents of Wyre.

I asked Wyre Council to help fund the cost of the NOW card for Wyre residents on the tram network. The estimated cost was approximately £75,000 for Wyre and £75,000 for Lancashire.

Wyre Council have £12m in reserves but they refused to contribute £75,000 towards the reinstatement of free travel for NOW card users?

I don’t say WELL DONE I say SHAME ON YOU!

County Coun 
Lorraine Beavers


Corrie star’s heart charity call

Every year, hundreds of thousands of lives are cut short by heart disease and in Blackpool alone, heart and circulatory conditions take the lives of over 600people each year.

That’s why I’m calling on everyone in Blackpool to join me in the fight against heart disease by signing up to the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) DECHOX campaign. By challenging yourself to give up chocolate for the month of March and asking for sponsorship, you will help fund £1 million of life saving research that will make a difference to millions of lives.

For self-confessed chocoholics, like me, it won’t be easy, but every pound raised will be crucial in helping fund the cutting-edge breakthroughs for those fighting a daily battle with heart disease.

Last year more than 19,000 people took part in DECHOX and raised an astonishing £800,000 and this year I am helping BHF raise even more.

So whether you’re an undercover chocolate eater, a crafty nibbler or a full-on midnight fridge raider – challenge yourself to a DECHOX and sign up today at bhf.org.uk/DECHOX!


Coronation Street actor