Letters - February 17, 2014

WATER MESS Houses built on flood plains are bound to suffer damage, says one reader
WATER MESS Houses built on flood plains are bound to suffer damage, says one reader
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Holding the water back


I keep seeing flood victims complaining about lack of action by government and councils that ‘have known for weeks there was a problem coming’.

One couple today said ‘we’ve had no sandbags delivered and it’s too late now’.

So why didn’t they go out weeks ago and get some themselves? If you live on a flood plain, be prepared!

The worry here is if they start building flood barriers upstream of the present problems to control the flows, there will then be areas that are not presently prone to flooding that will be a flood risk. Nice!

Then we have Cameron supposedly throwing unlimited amounts of money at the problem.

You can bet it’s not ‘new money’ though, just some other budget will get a shortfall leading to other problems down the line.

Keith Hallam

First Avenue


Skilful bus drivers


I cannot praise the Blackpool bus drivers highly enough, especially those who are currently driving on the number 3 and 4 routes.

I went on the number 3 bus to Bispham, and as we went along Warbreck Drive, men were working along there.

The large tipper truck was parked on the left hand side of the road and, directly opposite, on the right hand side was the highways maintenance van.

The road is already narrow enough for a bus route, and it was only down to the excellent skill of the driver that we managed to edge our way slowly past both vehicles.

The driver of the larger truck hadn’t even pushed his wing mirror into the vehicle until the bus driver asked him to.

Perhaps in future, when contractors are working on the various bus routes, they could ask their men to show a bit of common sense and consideration to other road users, mainly our bus drivers.

Perhaps if a policeman had been passing by, he would have reported them for causing an obstruction.

Geraldine Hayes

Winster Place


Lytham crematorium


In reply to the letter regarding the cross at Lytham 
Crematorium (Letters, February 12), while respecting the writer’s views, I do feel the need to 

Intolerance to the beliefs and rights of others makes for a very fragile world.

All communities consist of many faiths and people with no faith.

If the symbol of the Cross brings comfort to some, then surely in an open society we can achieve harmony by respecting this and putting ‘self second.’

Do we really want to live in a world where we show intolerance to anything we don’t value?

If the Cross brings hope and comfort, how can we deny people who are suffering loss this right, purely because we do not share their belief?

We could include other multi-cultural faith symbols, this would put an end to the discussion and show respect for everyone.

Mrs R. Mackenzie

Strathyre Close


Protecting our shops


This week’s new figures on shop vacancies in our region make for worrying reading. Although nationally shop vacancy has declined, in the North West vacancy rates have increased.

In our region the vacancy rate now stands at 17 per cent, more than twice the percentage in London.

The North West Green Party would like to see more support for small independent shops that are in direct competition with supermarkets and other chains. We believe local independent shops are vitally important to the community.

They provide more employment than the big retailers, money spent in them stays in the local area, and because they are more local shoppers

don’t need to use their cars to get to them.

In light of the alarming vacancy rates on our high streets we’re re-iterating our call for councils to support the ‘Robin Hood’ levy proposed by campaign group ‘Local Works’.

This would see supermarkets with rateable values of more than £500,000 paying an additional 8.5 per cent on business rates.

It’s only fair the big supermarkets invest some of their massive profits in local communities to protect our high streets from further decline.

Peter Cranie

North West Green Party
European elections candidate

Please show Brian’s fight

Live sport

I was interested in the fact the Opera House will soon be able to screen live sport.

Let’s hope everybody concerned, Blackpool Council, the Winter Gardens, sponsors, agents, etc get their act together and ensure everything is in place in time for the Brian Rose fight.

We don’t want to be left out of our chance to see the crowning of a local World Champion live in what would be a fantastic atmosphere.

Sports Fan

(by email)