Letters - February 17, 2011

Town Hall duties: Councillors work longer hours than most people think, says Sheila Haskett
Town Hall duties: Councillors work longer hours than most people think, says Sheila Haskett
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WHERE does Bill Wright get his information (Letters February 10) from?

My husband is a councillor for Layton ward and has neither “a job, (I take this to mean on the side; full time or part time); a business or a lucrative pension”, unless you are claiming that all employees’ pensions are lucrative.

To say that is a generalisation. We however are both now retired and have to manage with the benefit of our state pensions.

If being a councillor is only a part-time occupation, then that’s news to me.

In addition to the various visits to residents of the ward, attending many meetings at the town hall and additional events, there are still many phone calls and emails to catch up on when he gets home.

Part-time duties, Mr Wright?

Not a bit of it, that would be doing a grave disservice to the good folks of Layton he was elected to serve.

I am proud to state, that I too will be standing in the forthcoming local elections in May for Ingthorpe ward, and have already started delivering literature and chatting to people on the ward.

If I am elected, I will know first-hand the present telephone allowance barely covers the cost of the monthly calls our busy councillors have to make.

I, too will need a laptop computer and such, and will therefore be claiming the additional monthly allowance (£49.98) to pay for it.

After all allowances are provided to enable you to function adequately as an elected representative. Otherwise, it would indeed be only the domain of the so called “well to do” .


Norbreck Road


MR and Mrs O’Donaghue, who received a £50 parking ticket for spending 10 minutes in the Marks and Spencer car park (Gazette February 14), should be advised this is not a fine. Only courts can impose fines.

The sum demanded is to compensate the owners of the car park for the losses they have incurred, and £50 for 10 minutes’ use of a car parking space is clearly excessive.

I suggest they send the car park operator a cheque for £10 in full and final settlement of their claim, and invite them to institute legal proceedings for the balance.


Devonshire Road


THE Mike Hall Theatre School presented The Marriage of Figaro, a comic opera in four acts with music by Mozart.Mike waved his wand and the applause was coming from a small but appreciative audience.

Mike Hall is dedicated to his music. If Blackpool would like to encourage culture to the town, what about a symphony orchestra in the renovated Winter Gardens?


Westminster Road


REGARDING traffic calming measures in and around Blackpool town centre.

The facts: more maintenance is required than a flat road, therefore more costly; more vehicle wear and tear, therefore more costly; more congestion leading to frustration for both locals and holidaymakers, therefore more costly in time and money.

Possible outcome – hey presto, a congestion charge in the making!

Let’s wait and see.