Letters - February 15, 2018

Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Blackpool Victoria Hospital
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A love letter to our ‘immaculate’ NHS

On Tuesday I was struck down with severe chest and stomach pains so I rang my GP who agreed to see me straight away.

After an examination, my GP referred me to the hospital, where I was greeted with courtesy, efficiency and great professionalism.

I was subsequently admitted to a ward for two nights while tests and scans were carried out and the care I received was second to none.

The staff were extremely busy but still retained a sense of humour, caring and professionalism. I can’t understand the fashion to criticise our hospital which seemed to me to be immaculately clean, efficient and caring.

We are lucky to have them. I have the same feelings about my GP who acted so promptly with great sympathy.

My thanks to all concerned.

Charles Stubbing

Seniors Drive


Housing should not push out wildlife

I am writing regarding the current large-scale house building by Kensington Developments.

As they continue to build along Progress Way, it is evident that they have had no consideration at all for the wildlife that was living there before.

In particular, almost all the well-established hedgerow, which supported wildlife including many nesting birds, has been ripped out and replaced by fencing!

Thus, I would like to ask the director of Kensington Developments why they could not leave the hedgerow in place (the fence still could have been erected alongside the hedge)? After all, you have taken all the land!

Name and address supplied


Great news about Layton Institute

Can I just say what brilliant news in tonight’s paper about a lady (Aimee Rutherford) buying the Layton Institute to put it ‘back on the map’ (Gazette, February 12).

I have been a member and regular user of the club for many years and have had some wonderful nights in there. Maybe she can bring back the season shows which were excellent and popular with locals and visitors alike.

I wish her well in this and I am sure that we can get the Layton Institute back to its former glory.

Alun Jones

Argosy Avenue


Labour needs to chuck out Mao

John Macdonald claims Labour’s nationalisation plans will not be like those of the past. Furthermore, he says they will not cost the taxpayer a penny..

The shadow Chancellor has again revealed his ignorance of economic and fiscal matters. His plans would be far worse than the failed old ones. They would cost millions as independent experts gave shown.

He should put away Mao and read a basic primer in economics.

Dr Barry Clayton

via email


Protesting can change the world

Most of us question whether protesting makes a difference, and does it influence decision-making on a wide range of important and sometimes controversial issues?

I was once told by a government minister that public opinion does count as newspaper editors, politicians, government and council officials are all aware that every individual protest represents thousands of people who may not actually come forward to voice their concerns but nonetheless share the same view.

Changing established and often out-dated practices is not easy and history has taught us that just causes and righting wrongs are invariably fought over a period of many years and only achieved after a long and hard struggle.

There are many examples such as the campaign to abolish slavery, civil rights, the Suffragette movement – for which we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the day women won the right to vote – and, in more recent times, the Poll Tax revolt in the 1990s.

Many protests often seem to end in failure.

However, viewing them in the long-term, one hopes that lessons will be learned which will prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future.

It is a sad fact that, over the years, people have been forced to use extreme measures such as taking to the streets in protest, or facing imprisonment.

Protesters have made the world a better place over the years and without their determination we would still be living with things that are unfair, unjust and detrimental to our whole way of life.

Susan Richardson

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