Letters - February 15, 2013

Blackpool Pleasure Beach tops Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board's list of attractions on its website hits.
Blackpool Pleasure Beach tops Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board's list of attractions on its website hits.
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THERE was a song and dance over the old Flagship Gardens fountain, by the Pleasure Beach, being restored and given pride of place in Cedar Square yet we can count on one hand how many times it was actually in operation.

Since last year up to the present it has become a white elephant. St John’s Square has been described as having ‘cosmopolitan cafe culture and dancing fountains!’

Well forget the dancing fountains because they have become a white elephant too and hardly operated at all last year.

Then further up the road to the beloved Stanley Park in all its glory, the Italian Gardens fountain is also defunct and when it is occasionally operational you can tell there is something sadly wrong with its workings.

So it makes me think perhaps our council should ask Amanda Thompson if they can borrow their fountain engineers because they do not seem to have any problems with their water spectacles in full working order every time and never disappoint their visitors.

So come on Blackpool 
Council, you’ve done well to date with all the refurbishments but please sort those fountains out because they do matter.


Ashton Road, Blackpool

I HAVE on several occasions written to you about Funny Girls and the shows there.

I can only once again reiterate my enthusiasm about the venue and show along with the dancers who perform the routines there six nights a week.

It is without doubt the finest live show in the UK, with the comedy element thrown in when you least expect it.

Once again, well done to everyone at Funny Girls from Celia the manager to the door security staff and not forgetting the very hard working bar staff.

Finally, the biggest thank you has to go to the man who brought us Funny Girls way back in 1994, Basil Newby.

What a fantastic idea he came up with.

A true entrepreneur, Basil has kept Blackpool well and truly ahead of any other resort for entertainment.


Mirfield Grove


THE closure of Tithebarn Street, Poulton, to enable work on the railway bridge has had a much worse effect on Carleton and Poulton than we could envisage.

Businesses are suffering, Poulton town centre is noticeably quiet and there are a further four months left to go on the closure.

If Wyre Council has any feelings for their local tradesmen and shopkeepers then they would suspend all parking charges in Poulton for the duration of the work.