Letters - February 15, 2011

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AS someone who works with children and recognises the problems in Blackpool, i.e. deprivation and transience, I find it very hard to have any sympathy for the Preston New Road Residents Association.

It seems to be a case of nimbyism (Not in My Back Yard’)

I have lived in Marton for more then four years, near to the other home in the area. There are “troubled” youngsters in all walks of life, not just those who live in a home.

If a child ends up in a home for whatever reason and they live in Blackpool surely it is better that home is here. These youngsters are not prisoners to be sent away for detention. They should be handled with care and looked after in a safe and family like environment.

Next time Gordon Marsden goes into schools maybe he should think about that. Also the association should put themselves in the child’s situation and think how they would feel.


Knaresboro Avenue, Marton

I would like to thank a very kind gentleman who came to my aid when I was coming away from Booths with my trolley, and the wind was gale force.

He saw my distress and came to help me, which I really appreciated.

His name was Robert, he drove a taxi for Premier Taxis.


IN response to the letter (Gazette February 8) regarding the photograph of children dodging waves on Blackpool seafront, and the question raised about where were the beach patrol. As a bystander to this particular incident, I did witness the beach patrol attend the incident and warn the children away from the area.

As for using their jet ski purely for leisure purposes, time has to be spent practising rescue skills, and whenever I have watched this I have always been impressed by the professionalism of the beach patrol.

Also, I know people in the RNLI who speak very highly of the co-operation between the beach patrol and RNLI.


North Shore


THIS Government’s notion of a Big Society is just a cop-out, when instead of wise, mature and caring governing all the Coalition knows is to cut, cut, cut – mostly jobs and vital services.

Here in Blackpool, waiting for a bus can be a chancy affair. Instead of a Big Society the Government seems intent on ripping away the infrastructure and fabric of the existing society.


Fordway Avenue,