Letters - February 14, 2017

Blackpool and England Footballing Legend Jimmy Armfield
Blackpool and England Footballing Legend Jimmy Armfield
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Well done Jimmy, you deserve it

What a wonderful honour for Jimmy Armfield to have a prestigious school named after him, after an unblemished football career, and raising money for charities, well done Jimmy.

If Blackpool Council is thinking of building any public toilets, I would like to suggest that they be named after the Oystons, for their contribution to football.

Andy Consterdine 


Protesters are 
acting legally

Yet another completely misleading letter from Babs Murphy.

It is clear that she does no research but simply portrays her view of the world as the truth. It should be remembered that the protesters – most of whom are local contrary to Ms Murphy’s allegations – are acting perfectly legally. The police are aware of their actions and are often consulted before action is taken to ensure that no laws are contravened. So what Babs Murphy, Michael Damms and Lee Petts are actually saying is that the police should take ‘swift action’ against any person pursuing their legal right to protest against an industry that the people, parish, borough and county councils all agree is wrong for this – or any - area, poses a danger to residents and is totally unnecessary for our energy requirements.

The truth is we don’t need shale. The truth is that we have used less than half of the oil and gas reserves from the North Sea. It is also true that the much-derided protesters forecast that Cuadrilla’s track record of incompetence would result in danger to people, traffic chaos and accidents. All this in the first four weeks of operations. Cuadrilla again demonstrate their apparent disregard for safety when they say, “We’re aware that there was an accident as a vehicle turned into our site, but since neither of the cars concerned were connected to our operations, it’s nothing to do with us.”

I must confess to being surprised that this indifference towards the safety of the people of Lancashire and beyond is endorsed by the very chambers of commerce purporting to care for those same people.

The sad truth is that these self-righteous leaders of business, who have blindly accepted Cuadrilla’s cash, prove by their actions that the welfare of people is of far less concern than the prospect of profit.

Jules Burton



It’s time for 
Corbyn to move on

The resignation of Clive Lewis, the shadow business secretary, means that over 80 Labour MPs have been in the shadow cabinet since Jeremy Corbyn became leader in 2015.

It is clear that the Labour Party is in disarray. It will remain so while Corbyn remains as leader. He has very few friends in the Commons or in his shadow cabinet. Again and again he demonstrates that on major topics he is out of his depth.

Corbyn has recently complained that the media ignores him but what is there to ignore? He rambles, deviates from the key topic, and appears uncomfortable with his brief. His performance at Prime Minister’s Questions is lacklustre.

Every sector of society, rich or poor, young or old, pro or anti Brexit, believes Jeremy is doing a very poor job. The party is in crisis and that is bad for democracy. He is not the only one responsible for turning Labour into a fringe group. Momentum also has been a major cause but as leader Corbyn has been the key factor in Labour’s dramatic decline. Two forthcoming by-elections will prove extremely difficult for Labour to win. One, they almost certainly will lose. It is time for Corbyn to move on.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thorton Cleveleys


Tories’ secret 
agenda for the NHS

Our unelected Prime Minister should hang her head with shame at the way she is condoning the wrecking of the NHS by her hatchetman Jeremy Hunt. It was significant that he kept his job as Health Secretary, even though a large section of the public detested him because of his mis-management.

It is a disgrace that one of the richest countries in the world will not provide adequate funding because they (the Tories) are hell bent on running down the NHS to sell off to their cronies in private health care.

The Tories hate the NHS because it’s not their baby and they can’t get used to the fact that a Labour government could create such a wonderful service – run for the people and not for vast profits.

Every time the Tories get into power, the NHS goes into crisis because of cuts, resulting in cancelled operations. My son has had his spinal operation cancelled three times because of cuts at Leeds General Infirmary. I have for a long time held the belief that the Tories have had a secret agenda regarding the NHS.

A E Owens

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Don’t take your town for granted

Having recently stayed in Blackpool, I would like to use this letters page to say what a lovely town you have.

Even in winter, with a brisk wind, a walk on the Promenade brought a huge smile to my face.

The smell of sea salt, the bright blue sky and the call of seagulls transported me back to the happy days of childhood visiting the resort. To those who live in Blackpool may I say - as someone who lives inland - do not take your amazing seaside for granted.

Harry Francis

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