Letters - February 14, 2012

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I WAS interested to note, in your report on the possible re-siting of Bonny Street Police Station (Gazette February 7), that the prospect of a snow dome-type leisure development is still under active consideration for the central station site.

The recent report by Mary Portas postulated various ways of rejuvenating declining town centres, most of which have been tried or suggested, before Cameron’s rather pointless PR exercise. Veteran retailer Phil Wrigley, however, has strongly argued that tinkering about will not reverse the decline of most traditional town centres and that the future lies in combined retail/leisure centres.

If this proves to be the case, then Blackpool is well placed to benefit from the ownership of land adjacent to the town centre to help to bring this about, even with the drying up of Government seed-corn money to assist redevelopment.

Simon Blackburn should cease arguing with the Tories about who was responsible for the mistakes in front of the Tower.

He should use his undoubted capabilities and his position as council leader to ensure senior council officers do a better job controlling future developments, such as the business centre and (hopefully) the Central Station/Bonny Street area, than they have with the shared space work on the Promenade.


Sandhurst Avenue


A SLAP is a slap no matter what part of the body (Letters, January 20 and February 6).

Do those writers watch the news or read the newspapers in detail?

In many households a slap can lead to a punch, a punch can lead to a kick.

Children are physically and emotionally scarred by parents on a daily basis, some don’t live to tell the tale.

And, as for teachers being allowed to smack a child, I very much doubt a teacher would want to do this.

They would be more than aware that the children that readers thought needed a slap, came, like many of today’s children, from a home with no parenting, and would be used to smacking. It would achieve nothing, quite the reverse.

Spare the slap and start the parenting.


Derby Road


WE would like to thank everyone who helped raise £39,000 for the 2011 Poppy Appeal.

Our president of the Royal British Legion, Ian Coleman, raised £5,500 with his Poppython show at the club.

We, along with helpers Pat, David and Bella, supply hotels, schools, shops, Mecca bingo, churches, clubs, pubs etc. with lots of poppies.

Thanks also go to Karl Oyston and Stuart Hudson of Blackpool Football Club, who with their supporters donated £4,000 to the poppy appeal; George Brick at Marks and Spencers; the Grand Theatre; manager John Holt at Houndshill Shopping Centre; Cameron Jones and the cadets who raised £7,000; the Supporting Our Brave shop in Bank Hey Street with another donation of £1,300, and Sainsbury’s.


Royal British Legion