Letters - February 13, 2015

The practically empty Devonshire Road car park
The practically empty Devonshire Road car park
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Devonshire Road car park

A ‘waste’

Along with other residents, I must protest at the gross mismanagement of our council tax money.

I refer to the private car park for relocated council staff who are now at Bickerstaffe House, created at a cost of £100,000 plus £35,000 a year for rent to the NHS.

This old Devonshire Road Hospital site is to say the least a catastrophic failure.

The average is 15 cars per day, five days a week contrary to what the council says.

I monitor this waste daily.

They have the Talbot Road multi-storey, Wilkinson’s and Sainsbury’s car parks all withing 50 yards of Bickerstaffe House.

Surely a more suitable financial arrangement could have been arranged with one of these premises.

Stop this waste of our money and negotiate a deal with one of these multi-storey car parks.

Garry Hamer

Boston Avenue


Missing Fleetwood pier

Restore it

A couple of weeks ago I once again spent a few days in one of my favourite Lancashire towns – Blackpool.

My favourite experience in Blackpool is its North Pier and listening to great music played by organist Trevor Raven.

On this occasion, I decided I wanted to resurrect some childhood memories and walk along Fleetwood’s historic pier.

I had a good day in Fleetwood but to my dismay I could find no pier. As I last visited some 40 years ago I put down the missing pier to some confusion on my part and being a little scatty.

Anyway, on my return a friend from Fleetwood informed me the town did have a pier and it was destroyed by fire in 2008.

On hearing this I was pleased I was not going mad but then as a proud Lancashire fella I was somewhat disappointed in myself that I had not visited earlier to experience the historic pier once again.

After a few investigations I am aware the site of Fleetwood pier is owned by Mike Simmons aka Joey Blower who fancies his chances in the 2015 local elections in May, standing for the Conservatives for Talbot ward.

But instead of criticising Labour controlled Blackpool Council, I think he should use his good offices to do all he can to restore Fleetwood’s historic pier.

Failing that, the site of Fleetwood’s pier should be compulsorily purchased by the borough and/or county council.

Michael Moulding

Warrington Road


Earthquakes worry


I know a watchdog has given permission to Cuadrilla to carry out explorations at both Roseacre and Little Plumpton (Gazette, February 7).

Since two earth tremors were linked to the test drilling for shale at Preese Hall, I find it puzzling the owners of Merlin Entertainments, the Pleasure Beach and the leading hotels do not seem to have expressed a view for or against fracking.

If fracking proceeds and an earthquake in the range of four to six on the Richter scale results, Blackpool could become a ghost town with few if any visitors.

Furthermore, the locations of the two sites in question are quite near to the nuclear fuel plant at Salwick and only a few miles from the proposed gas storage caves near Preesall.

Some half a million people live within a 20 mile radius of the proposed sites.

They deserve total protection from earth tremors, polluted water and the industrialisation of the Fylde’s green and pleasant land.

All local candidates standing in the May General Election should declare their views on fracking.

Ian Jackson

Park Road


Cameras in care homes

Need privacy

As a care worker, I do not understand how the Care Quality Commission (CQC) can condone that service users should be secretly filmed without giving their consent and being aware that it is happening.

I do however agree that if concerns are raised by the service user themselves and they confirm they would like to have a hidden camera in their own personal space then this could possibly be a way of identifying any problems.

If my relatives were in a care home and they were being filmed in their most private space (getting undressed, changing incontinence products, and being washed etc) they would be very embarrassed and horrified to know we have been watching these videos without them knowing about it.

Just because some care homes and care workers have been shown to be vile and unworthy of being called a ‘carer’ or a ‘care home’ does not mean we are all are like that, and by allowing families to do this and condoning this does not make it right or appropriate for service users that come to us to look after them and protect them.

I am disgusted and willing to make my views known locally so as to protect people from being displayed (unknowingly) in both their most vulnerable and exposed state.

I am looking to get as many local people on board to show that this is wrong.



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