Letters - February 13, 2014

BEHAVIOUR ISSUES Reader David J Burkhardt says there are many incidents relating to drunkenness that go unreported - adding to resident's woes when irresponsible drinkers affect others' peace and quiet
BEHAVIOUR ISSUES Reader David J Burkhardt says there are many incidents relating to drunkenness that go unreported - adding to resident's woes when irresponsible drinkers affect others' peace and quiet
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EMRO hearing

999 issues

Mr Newby pleaded “don’t tarnish the town I love….” (Gazette, February 6).

Does he love the less savoury images broadcast by factual programmes like “999 What’s Your Emergency”, which publicise many images which are a consequence of the irresponsible selling of alcohol?

As a resident who lives in the affected area, I would have welcomed an EMRO, as week in week out I have to put up with the anti-social behaviour caused by drunkenness.

Mr Newby also stated: “We will close if the EMRO goes ahead.”

I am sorry he felt unable to sustain a profitable business had an EMRO been granted, which when all said and done would only have restricted trading by two hours per night.

Perhaps Mr Newby should ensure that, like many other licensed businesses, he makes the most profitable use of the extensive licensed hours available to his businesses during normal trading periods.

Mr Newby’s counsel Mr Gaunt suggests that while the 132 violent incidents reported last year is “132 too many”, he forgets events that go unreported, and incidents of lower level crime and anti-social behaviour.

While he states the 132 incidents form a “small fraction of people affected”, he forgets to mention the large number of residents who constantly suffer from such behaviour.

Both Mr Gaunt, and the council’s Mr Marshall have suggested one way forward is that we should make greater use of the premises licence review system – a suggestion which I strongly support.

David J. Burkhardt


Now that the EMRO has been overturned we really need to sort out the early morning policing.

All parties have no doubt that there is a serious shortage of police in the small hours.

The police cannot afford to allocate any more staff for that time. It would seem that the answer would be as Police Commissioner Clive Grunshaw decided, an increase in council tax.

Would it not make more sense that, as the extra police presence is needed because of the late licensing, why not have a “policing surcharge” to the taxes for the premises that make the presence necessary, for instance premises open after 3am?

Toni Dagnall

Peter Street


Moss Road repairs

Missing out

Is it me? Am I missing something here?

Lancashire County Council can’t afford to spend £350,000 on repairing a vital road (the Moss Road) but can squander £9m on stupid superfluous road signs.

Welcome to St Annes, where the air is balmy and LCC is even barmier.

Lewis Carroll would have felt at home here writing a sequel to Alice in Wonderland. Meantime, while you’re sitting in gridlock on my road or stuck in one of its many potholes, you admire the shiny new 20mph road signs. What fun!

Peter Hall

Heyhouses Lane

St Annes

Of course Lancashire County has no money to sort out the Moss Road .

The authority has been spending millions on ridiculous 20mph signs throughout the borough – that’s the borough with a very small amount of injury car accidents a year.

More importantly, we’re not East Lancashire, which is where Lancashire County Council really likes to spend our money.

New road schemes? New bus routes? New schools? All of these not a problem if you live to the east of the county.

Us here on the Fylde, much like those in Wyre, don’t seem to get a look in or a say on where the money that we put in the county’s coffers goes.

There’s two sites designated as Enterprise Zones in the county – Warton and Samlesbury. I think we can all guess, without even looking, which one is having all sorts of studies and transport plans prepared for it.

We’ve desperately needed new secondary school provision in Fylde for years and years, but the county authority constantly tells us the birth rate doesn’t warrant it, and every year we’re forced to send more and more children to Preston to learn due to overcrowding at Lytham St Annes High School and St Bede’s.

Still, why bother whingeing?

If the gripe doesn’t come from East Lancashire, it won’t get listened to.

Name and address


Love your windmill


Little Marton Mill is open to celebrate the Valentine’s weekend this Sunday and would be pleased to welcome visitors. 
The mill will be open from 11am until 3.30pm and refreshments are available. Go along to have a look at a wonderful part of Blackpool’s heritage.

Anne Allen


Friends of Little
Marton Windmill