Letters - February 12, 2015

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Blackpool south line

Cut back

I had to smile at Fylde Tory MP Mark Menzies’ sudden concern for his constituents local rail service, the South Fylde Line (Gazette, February 7).

Here’s a potted history of how the route has fared under Tory governments past and present.

n 1964: route severely downgraded and cut back to Blackpool South with closure of the original terminus, Blackpool Central.

n 1972: through London services axed, local services downgraded, and most stations de-staffed.

n 1981: line singled, through Manchester and Yorkshire services axed, and Blackpool South station de-staffed.

n Present: new Department for Transport tender guidelines for Northern Trains Franchise (operator of the route) stipulates cuts to off-peak services, closure of under-used stations, and cuts to station staff and train guards.

Despite Chancellor Osborne’s false promises Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has this week stated the old and nasty Pacer units used on the route are here to stay indefinitely.

Meanwhile, money seems to be no object for new trains and services in London and the South East or indeed subsidising foreign state owned railways (Northern is owned by Netherland State Railways) under the absurd privatised system introduced by the Tories.

Oh and we pay the highest train fares in Europe.

Time to reflect and ask some pertinent questions of your own party Mr Menzies!

James Sorah

Blackpool Against the Cuts

Publicity officer

Pupils were outstanding


Six pupils from Chetham’s Music School in Manchester, aged 13 to 16 years, put on a sparkling display of outstanding musical accomplishment last Friday at the first Springfield Methodist Church recital of 2015.

Each pupil played clarinet, viola, trumpet, French horn and violin respectively.

They were admirably supported on the piano by their accompanist, teacher Hilary Suckling.

I’m used to listening to highly talented adult musicians, so my expectations were none too high. However, I have to say I was overwhelmed by the sheer talent and professionalism of these six pupils.

Mr B. Dwire

Highbury Road East

St Annes

Bins ‘used to advertise’

Left outside

Blackpool Road, Carleton, is what you would think of as a tidy, well presented area.

But the bins outside one bungalow are left out every single day and are adorned by the owner’s business posters.

I may be wrong here, but I thought we were supposed to put our bins out on the day of collection only.

How are these residents any different from the rest of us? I have written to Wyre Council to ask this question, but the bins remain.

Name and address supplied

Royal mail collections

Too few

Just how much more can Royal Mail drop its services to the community?

As a prolific letter writer, I well remember when we had at least two deliveries of post at 7am or 8am, and noon.

As for the collections from street boxes, there would be two or three each weekday and a noon collection on a Sunday.

There was even a tablet to show the time of the next collection.

And what do we have today? One and only delivery, around noon Monday to Saturday, and no up-to-date tablets in most boxes.

Collections are now at an all-time low with, if you’re lucky two a day and no Sunday collection.

My two nearest collection boxes are now cleared for the day at 9am, and I am referred to a sub post office.

I know the modern trend is for people to have access to email or text, but we haven’t all moved with the times.

Yet it is we elderly citizens who still put pen to paper for our contacts and are then handicapped by Royal Mail.

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore

Chairman’s number plate

Upset fans

I was shocked by Karl Oyston’s alleged car number plate.

He is inciting the fans and surely bringing the game of football into disrepute.

I can’t believe the chairman of any football club can act in this way.

Bruce Allen

Hawkshead Terrace