Letters - February 12, 2013

The children's play area at Louie Horrocks Park in Blackpool.
The children's play area at Louie Horrocks Park in Blackpool.
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TODAY I was contacted by a local resident to say her son had been into Louie Horrocks Park, Lytham Road, Blackpool, and after using the wooden climbing frame had come home contaminated with dog mess.

She said the park was liberally covered in dog mess around the children’s grass playing areas and on the paths.

I suggested she contact the 
police to ask if the CCTV camera could identify the owners of the dogs.

This must have happened within the last few days as the park was checked on Thursday and the dog bag dispenser re-filled.

Arriving in the park, I found the report to be true and counted over 20 piles of mess as I cleaned up, not an activity to be recommended.

The picnic bench areas and the borders were particularly unpleasant.

We have very good relations with our dog owners so I was very sad at what I found.

We know people talking on mobiles fail to watch their dogs so do not pick up, also people who let dogs out of cars to roam and mess unsupervised are a problem.

To those owners failing to respect our open spaces, we remind them if this continues dogs will be prevented from free-running exercise in parks which could then lead to dogs on leads at all times.

Perhaps these were new dog walkers and are unaware of their responsibilities or young people exercising their pets to whom picking up is not “cool”.

If one child contracts Toxocara that is one child too many,



Friends of Louie 
Horrocks Park

I AGREE with Mr Hudson (Letters January 28), 
Poulton is being turned into a ghost town.

Open your eyes and look around – shops are closing, folk are shopping elsewhere.

A new Booths store is not the answer.

Though it is a fine shop, it is too expensive for the young families and the senior citizens to shop there regularly. There are no supermarkets in the town that are of good, affordable quality,

The Dransfield proposal for an Asda store would have been good for the town but the council decided without much consultation with the townsfolk that Booths was the best option.

I totally disagree.

I like many others do not shop in Poulton with my pension. I can’t afford to. 
Wake up, Wyre Council. Look at the nearly empty car parks.

Where are they all going? To Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi and B&M, of course.

Need I go on.


Fairfield Avenue


REGARDING the Christmas trees being used to reinforce sand dunes in St Annes (Gazette, January 24), I had an article published on the letters page of The Gazette over two years ago about this procedure, with no response.

I knew it would work then.

It forms a natural, biodegradeable barrier. Hey ho!


Highfield Road