Letters - February 11, 2015

Blackpool Road North, St Annes
Blackpool Road North, St Annes
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Bus stop was blocked


Every Saturday on my road, drivers of the Number 17 bus are confronted by the irresponsible parking of football parents, thus delaying the service.

A minibus with a respect notice in the window even parks on the bus stop.

Where is the respect in causing elderly passengers to get off the bus in the middle of the road?

Last Saturday due to the continued irresponsible parking, some of the 17 service had to be diverted away from my road.

Common sense would suggest parking only on one side of Blackpool Road North on Saturday football days, and don’t park on the bus stop.

There should be no parking from the Formby Road junction till after the bus stop on Leach Lane.

My road is supposed to have a 20mph speed limit.

You would not think so, given the speed of some coming from or heading to the Hamlet and the Hawthorns.

I am registered partially sighted so making note of guilty number plates isn’t an option.

As a former police community volunteer, I would ask drivers using my road to respect the law and respect bus drivers and passengers.

Don’t be a road traffic statistic due to bad parking or speeding.

Ian Hargreaves

Blackpool Road North

St Annes

Time to rebrand resort


The word ‘blight’ conjures up in my mind something diseased, decaying and dying (Blight on Blackpool, Gazette February 7).

I only wish the government would stop bleeding seaside resorts like Blackpool dry of funding.

We are in a new age the ‘digital age’. Cities continue to develop and prosper.

Looking at parts of Blackpool they have stayed the same or become run-down. However I still have a vision of ‘boom’ town Blackpool returning.

We do have buildings that need to be cleaned up. The shuttered shops of peeling paint and rust need painting.

It would be good if some shops in the town centre had better retail displays in the windows. It would stop passers-by in their tracks and think ‘ I must go in and look around’.

We also need more colour in the town, e.g. flower baskets just to make Blackpool a blaze of colour (not counting the Illuminations).

Blackpool needs to re-invent itself and find an extra niche market. Maybe employ a rebranding guru.

It’s all about what seaside experiences is Blackpool offering and can we offer more.

We need to bring more visitors into Blackpool especially to stay overnight.

This would mean fewer boarding houses, hotels and shops closing down. Most importantly, we need to reduce the loss of jobs and to prevent workers’ hours being cut in the winter months.

Most people in Blackpool want to work.

Mrs P. O’Connor

Portland Road


Supporting heart research


Each year around one in four of us die from Cardiovascular Disease. 175,000 are admitted to hospital with a heart attack,235,000 suffer a heart attack and unfortunately, 4,000 babies are born with a heart defect.

For over 50 years, the British Heart Foundation has pioneered research that’s transformed the lives of millions of people living with Cardiovascular Disease.

Regular donations are hugely valuable as they enable the British Heart Foundation to plan their pioneering research.

There is a network of over 730 shops which raised £30m for their vital work, helped by the 1.1 million bags of stock donated during the Great British Bag action last September.

In the last financial year, British Heart Foundation raised an astonishing £136m.

The connection to the British Heart Foundation has been invaluable to myself as I suffered a heart attack at work in June 2013.

Defibrillators in the community and workplaces could help save 100,000 people dying from sudden cardiac arrest.

After last year’s successful workplace campaign – Ramp up the Red – we decided we wanted to go even further by fund-raising in this year’s British Heart Foundation (Wear It. Beat It campaign) by inviting more and more people in the workplace to get involved.

For information about British Heart Foundation, please log onto www.bhf.org.uk or contact them on 0300 330 3322

Garry Richardson

Catterall Close


Dog fouling problem

Clean up!

If an alchemist could transform litter and dog-dirt into gold then, some parks and pavements in Layton would be rich indeed!

Regarding the dog-owners who throw plastic bags of dog-dirt onto pavements, one wonders what they think happens next to this type of litter.

Obviously they regard it as someone else’s problem!

Susan Barker

Fordway Avenue