Letters - February 10, 2015

Traffic chaos on the A585, approaching the Kirkham junction of the M55. The road is a key link between Fleetwood and the motorway.
Traffic chaos on the A585, approaching the Kirkham junction of the M55. The road is a key link between Fleetwood and the motorway.
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Wyre road nightmare

Council roadblock

Coun Maxine Chew from Singleton said work to ease traffic at pinch points on the A585 together with the recent Government announcement of up to £50m for a Singleton by-pass would not solve traffic flow issues”, Gazette, January 19, reports.

This is an incredible statement from a councillor who has opposed every road solution to this three-decade farce of the A585 relief road.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry in shock.

Were it not for Coun Chew along with Conservative Wyre council, a road solution would already be under way by now: The yellow route, which the public and the government wanted but not Coun Chew and Wyre Council.

Her claim that some of the problem about the councils not agreeing solutions is a massive understatement. Given that this disgraceful farce has gone on for three decades resulting in Fleetwood’s death as a port, along with 14,000 job losses,the area is now in decline and she knows this.

Reading between the lines I suspect she opposes the relief road, which would come as no surprise given her stance. The so-called masterplan does nothing for Wyre’s transport problems while the council is intent on adding to the problems with reckless house building. This shows the poor representation we have on Wyre council.

Government departments must be sick of this issue given the petty parochial politics adopted by local councillors who are directly responsible for this mess.

The A585 is without doubt the number one economic issue and no solution is in sight, only the junction tinkering which has caused chaos at West Drive. The public have been demanding a solution for decades, we want a road solution – if Wyre Council and Coun Chew will let us have one.

Chris Feast

Victoria Road


Makeover marvellous

Mum’s big day

We are writing to thank The Gazette for organising the Makeover Competition with the David Maria Hair and Beauty Salon.

Our mum, Phyllis Lamont, was lucky enough to win one of the prizes and spent a 
fabulous morning at the 

Mum – who is due to celebrate a big birthday this year – had never had such an 
experience and thoroughly enjoyed the way she was looked after.

She felt really pampered and spoilt as she enjoyed her time in the salon; please pass on our huge thanks to all concerned especially David, as everyone really made our mum feel very special.

We also love her new look and look forward to seeing the photos. Thanks to all concerned.

Michelle Woodacre and Karen Pennington


Fracking debate

Thanks to Fylde

On February 4 we had a big debate on the proposal to carry out fracking operation in the Ryedale District of North Yorkshire. (Engineer) Mike Hill, from Fylde, was kind enough to come over and present our case against fracking.

The audience was hugely impressed with his contribution.

As a former resident of the Fylde, I’m extremely sympathetic to the campaign against Cuadrilla’s operations there. If anyone can defeat the frackers Mike Hill can. We wish we had him in Yorkshire!

Christopher Pickles

Frack Free Ryedale

Time to pull together

Community Spirit

As a child growing up after the war in East Lancashire, I was used to my mother ‘donkey stoning’ the step at the front of the house.

We also kept the area clean in front of our house making sure that it was well swept and tidy. Any litter was picked up and put into the bin.

During the winter, we were quickly out clearing the snow from the front of the house and making sure that the footpath was safe for any callers, if we had elderly neighbours we cleared their area as well.

We were poor but proud with a strong sense of community spirit.

Events today are making us poor again and the council has lost a lot of its funding with a lot more to go next year.

The Parks Department and the Street Cleaning budget are being reduced again.

We need to show that community spirit again and take some responsibility for the area in front of our own homes, and to keep an eye out for our elderly neighbours.

Now is the time to rebuild the community spirit, now is the time for us all to pull together.

The rich look after themselves they are not interested in the poor people.

We must not let them break our spirit.

Terry Bennett

Dinmore Avenue