Letters - December 9, 2015

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This bins decision deserves derision

The latest ludicrous idea that Blackpool Council has come up with deserves derision. I urge them to think again. Not only is there an environmental aspect here, but a health matter too.

After years of warning us of European directives and threats of fines for exceeding landfill rules, we are now told to fill our normal bins with good compostable waste, this to be then used for landfill!

I have always been a recycler and I’m now nearly 80. I never waste anything, but re-use if possible. I need my bins; gardens need work, even in winter, and vegetable peelings and food waste go into those compost bins too. The council sells the compost they make, so where is the problem?

People without cars can’t get to the tip easily, years ago I used to walk to the top with big black bags of garden waste on a trolley but at my age, I can’t walk far at all.

Our council is inept and wastes money in all directions. They want to put trams down to the North Station why?. Some council employees are overpaid, make savings there. Get pruning the top heavy staff and keep the essentials.

Rose Morley



We are being led down a garden path

Once again the residents of Wyre are being let down the garden path, and on this occasion literally. I am referring to the council’s latest attempt to charge residents of Wyre for a service they already pay for. The service is the removal of garden rubbish, the payment is via their council tax.

Local people are being told time after time by local and central government to expect cut backs, the reason is because of the huge deficit they inherited from the previous government. Residents are then told by government and council officials of their intentions to invite 20,000 Syrian refugees to the UK, and I believe some of those refugees have already taken residence in five local properties kindly donated by Wyre Council, free of charge, of course. So where is this money coming from? There is either a magical pot of money that residents are not being made aware of, or the country will just simply increase its deficit followed by more and more cutbacks to services.

For many years, Wyre residents have helped the council with their recycling waste project by correctly placing waste in various coloured bins and placing these bins out for collection on specific days of the week. For all their toil and trouble they received no payment nor discount, and not even a thank you was mentioned, and now, after all this time and their efforts, they are told they could be faced with a charged of £30 per year for the service they already pay for via their council tax.

Concerns have been raised regarding the issue of fly-tipping because some people would simply dump their garden waste rather than pay the £30.

Barry Carr



Planners are ruining our countryside

If employees of a private company acted in a way that was detrimental to the interests of shareholders of the company, what would happen?

They would be disciplined, and if they persisted in such behaviour they would be sacked for gross misconduct.

If the directors of that company ignored such behaviour and failed to act, and in doing so condoned it, what would happen?

They would be called to account by the shareholders and probably censured and voted out. What makes our Wyre Council personnel so different?

For that is precisely what has happened over the last 18 months, with planners working hand in glove with developers to desecrate the character of the area we all live in, and our local councillors have done nothing to restrain them.

Planners must be made to understand that they are employees of the community and they are paid to serve the best interests of that community.

They are employed by us, the ratepayers, to fulfil their statutory duties, but to do so impartially.

We do not pay them to cosy up to developers and facilitate the rape of our countryside.

Save our countryside.

Name and address supplied


The UK is slowly being given up

It is nearly 43 years since we joined the EU (then the Common Market) and we were told that joining it was to help our businesses and boost our economy, nothing more.

Since then, however, we have continued to lose control of our country by surrendering our sovereignty, and everything that entails, to the faceless bureaucrats of the EU. And for that privilege we pay £55million every day.

Now, following a two-year commission, we are told that Britain should stop acting as if it was still a Christian country. This, we are told, is based upon the rise of Islam, other faiths and a decline in church attendance.

Just as the “Establishment” surrendered Britain’s sovereignty to the EU, they are now doing their utmost to complete the destruction of Britain, by abandoning Christianity and giving in to those with opposing views and values to ours.

Philip Griffiths

North West President, UKIP