Letters - December 7, 2015

Norcross roundabout in a picture sent in by Gazette reader David Power
Norcross roundabout in a picture sent in by Gazette reader David Power
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Shocking roads will put off businesses

“It’s looking good for everyone living and working in Wyre”, so spins former economy portfolio holder Hon Alderman Gordon McCann (Your Say, December 2).

Regarding the Hillhouse site and Fishpark, without decent transport connections they are all but apples on a totting tree trunk. He, of all people, should know this, but he’s part of a council that threw away the chance of a relief road in 2005, producing Fleetwood’s decline.

The planners of his council are determined to have thousands more houses built on an already overstretched road network. Given the shocking congestion that exists, why would any company want to set up here with such abysmal transport connections? They haven’t and they won’t.

In fact, one engineering company in Thornton was reported last December as considering moving to Preston.

Next to the Hillhouse site is a defunct rail link, which is trying to be resurrected by local enthusiasts, but will be cut off from the main network, denying any possibility of providing a freight service to the Hillhouse site.

Alderman McCann completely misunderstands the economic issues facing this area.

If he were to be so vocal in condemning the planners and their unhealthy relationship with housing developers, then things could be better but he like the leader, does nothing; business as usual.

Wyre Council is responsible for creating the carmageddon we currently face. I invite him to go to Norcross roundabout at 8am every morning and see if “it’s looking good for everyone living and working in Wyre”.

Certainly, “it’s looking good for everyone living and working in Pilling”, Alderman McCann.

David Power

Fleetwood Rd North



We are facing a 
huge oil ‘hangover’

Are the current gale force winds and floods due to climate change? Prince Charles and world leaders certainly think so!

With a view to ‘fixing’ climate change, and indeed terrorism, maybe we could think of a vicious circle. A car produces CO2, which is then followed by climate change, storms and floods, and uprooted trees which take 200 years to grow.

To simplify it, let’s look at alcohol. According to scientists, a glass a day, along with a balanced diet, can prolong life. Alcohol to excess, on the other hand, can shorten it. If a person becomes addicted, it can follow that, in order not to feel bad – hungover – they continue to drink and the liver starts to rot. While the liver has the ability to recover, if it gets past a certain point, for instance sclerosis, it’s terminal.

There’s no two ways about it, we’re addicted to oil, and with Islamic State using it to fund their war against us, it’s killing us.

However, if we ‘drink’ less, it will mean a massive hangover, not least in upsetting the oil and motor industry and leaving some rich people with a massive headache. Are they willing to ‘bite the bullet’? Or is Mother Earth’s ‘liver’ past the point of recovery?

Allan Ramsay

via email


Corbyn passed test with flying colours

With an 11,000 majority, it must be claimed that Labour’s win in the Oldham West by-election was an excellent result for theparty under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

UKIP, by contrast, ran a nasty campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, and did not seem to recognise that their campaigning became so abusive that it proved they are incapable of running a positive campaign. Their embrace of the toxicity of their brand under the leadership of Nigel Farage diminishes UKIP further, with an over-reliance on their leader’s appeal.

In the end despite UKIP, Farage and the Tories’ attempts to destroy the image of Jeremy Corbyn, it was actually working against them. Corbyn’s appeal may not be strongest among white working class voters, but his appeal in Asian areas of the constituency was overlooked. Corbyn, after all, is a man of peace and highly moral in his political ethos and values. His strong opposition to airstrikes would have played well in Oldham, while it seems to have created divisions within his shadow Cabinet. The true test will come if the air campaign organised between Britain, France and America causes a greater risk to the security of the west and in fact strengthens ISIL.

This by-election was clearly Jeremy Corbyn’s first electoral test as a new Labour leader, and one that he has passed with flying colours! Politicians must learn that dignity and a moral purpose will always win over derision and hostility, and will play well with the electorate.

Vitriolic venomous actions of some politicians will always destroy their credibility.

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Avenue



Go green for gifts this Christmas

I would like to ask readers to help restore one of the UK’s most precious habitats and to take action on climate change this Christmas, by having a dedicated native tree or grove planted as a gift for loved ones in the Scottish Highlands.

A native tree will be planted in the Caledonian Forest for each recipient of Trees for Life’s Christmas tree certificates – creating forests for the future.

Every tree dedicated will help reduce the impact of climate change by replacing the carbon footprint and packaging of presents with a gift that instead soaks up carbon dioxide, and that benefits wildlife.

For details, visit www.treesforlife.org.uk or call 01309 691292.

Alan Watson Featherstone

Executive Director, Trees for Life