Letters - December 5, 2013

TRAFFIC CONGESTION Reader Paul Kowalski says keeping buses off the Promenade would help
TRAFFIC CONGESTION Reader Paul Kowalski says keeping buses off the Promenade would help
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Town centre congestion


After eventually admitting they have got it completely wrong, why don’t the council leaders take a look at the Gazette ‘jambuster photograph’ (Gazette November 30).

There are several buses shown and most of these stop on the Promenade causing 50 per cent of the tailbacks.

These buses should be re -directed and kept off the Prom.

This action would keep additional costs to a minimum, could be implemented immediately and the results determined quickly.

We now have a very efficient and successful transport system with the new trams carrying passengers into and out of the town centre and reviewing the bus situation is now needed.

Paul Kowalski

Huntingdon Road


Regarding your story about the £2.5m bid to tackle town traffic troubles (Gazette November 30).

If those responsible for managing certain aspects of Blackpool (motto ‘Progress’) over recent years had retained or upgraded a proper bus station, there wouldn’t be the type and level of problems encountered in and around Market Street, Clifton Street, Corporation Street, Topping Street, Cookson Street etc, where so much of the chaos occurs.

What happened to the proposed bus/rail link which had been due to be part of the Talbot Gateway scheme?

‘Sandgrown’ Robin

Energy deals won’t help

Fuel poverty

The biggest ordeal for the majority of us this winter is how to keep warm.

It seems to come down to do we eat or heat.

Now the Government has stepped in and state they have dealt with rising fuel prices through deals with the big six energy providers, that will cut our annual fuel bill by... wait for it £50 a year!

Well done George Osborne!

Wait a minute is there a small catch? The money is coming from the green energy levy known as the energy company obligation (ECO).

The Government will be funding this charge instead of the big six now.

But does this mean from our taxes? I guess it does.

Oh well who are the biggest gainers? Does it at least mean the poorest who do not pay tax, will gain and that is good yes?

Oh hang on I see there is a cross-party committee’s report which states that families were classed in fuel poverty if they spend more than 10 per cent on fuel to “maintain an adequate level of warmth.”

It appears however the definition of fuel poverty will be changed by amendments to new fuel legislation, so that 2.4 million will be classed as in fuel poverty rather than 3.2 million.

So the goal post has been moved, let me guess, to massage the figures? The Government will pay for some measures currently included in people’s bills and the cost of insulating homes will be spread over a longer period.

The fact is George that home insulation is so important to energy efficiency, and climate change policies will be blown way off course.

Not the greatest of deals for fuel poverty households in Blackpool, the most deprived town in the U K. Smoke and mirrors George you devil.

Marjorie Nye Knowle Avenue


St john’s square

It is for all

Mr Stewart’s comments (Letters December 2) regarding St John’s Square are the perfect reason why churches are now more than half empty.

St John’s Square is for everyone, residents and visitors alike.

Did he not notice the smiling faces of the stall-holders, the happy shoppers and the laughter of the children on the round-about?

Time to wake up, join the world and smell the flowers.

William Smith

All Saints Road


Christmas cats

Please help

Please can we ask readers to help us this Christmas with any firewood or sticks to burn to keep our rescued cats warn.

We have a good old wood burner and the cats crowd round to keep warm.

Food pouches, tins or dry food is always welcome, as well as any funds you can spare to buy the flea and worm medication we feed the stray cats that arrive.

Father Anthony

Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary

Grosvenor Street


(01253) 622042

Vacant shops in town

Rates relief

The number of vacant shops is a problem in Blackpool town centre. Nonetheless the small business rates relief facility should encourage those who want to go into business to take that first step.

For those with a good credit rating and a realistic business plan most banks will offer some support.

Good luck to Shop Boutique. Independent shops like this offer towns and city high streets that special individuality.

Stephen Pierre

Abingdon Street