Letters - December 3, 2015

Maureen Nolan as Mrs Johnstone and Sean Jones as Mickey in Blood Brothers
Maureen Nolan as Mrs Johnstone and Sean Jones as Mickey in Blood Brothers
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Good luck wishes to Maureen Nolan

I read with interest the recent report of Maureen Nolan tackling a new musical role.

I was also interested that the article said four of the Nolan sisters had played Mrs Johnstone in the hit musical Blood Brothers.

It brought back to me the criticism of one of your regular contributors, Neil Kendall, who was taken to task by Denise Nolan for stating in an item on musicals that the show had become ‘A Nolan Sisters Benefit Production.’

Well surely four members of one family does constitute a ‘Benefit Production’, so he was right and it will be interesting to see if yet another sister plays the part in the March production at the Opera House.

Meanwhile, good luck to Maureen.

Mrs Gill

Devonshire Road



Corbyn faces some security questions

The Labour Party is in free fall. It no longer can be regarded as the government in waiting, or even a credible opposition.

It lost the General Election because the public did not trust it on the economy. Now it does not trust it on national security.

Labour’s appeal is to the young, whose knowledge of economics and politics is thin, but mainly to the undeserving who take them for a ride.

Corbyn’s so-called democratic approach is a farce. He is only interested in getting support from those who already agree with him. Several swing voters, who usually voted Labour, have now revealed they didn’t vote in the election for what they wanted, they voted against ‘ what they didn’t want at any price’; Labour.

Corbyn’s view of security issues is deeply worrying. Not only is he a pacifist, he appears hostile to our side. This raises an issue of enormous importance. If he ever occupied No. 10, how could any member of the armed services agree to serve under him?

Labour has a leader bereft of authority. Senior moderates in the party are in despair. Corbyn’s politics is certainly new, but it is anti our constitutional system. He and his closest allies are making a mockery of our heritage.

Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close



So proud to receive a volunteer award

I was immensely proud to receive the Police Volunteer of The Year Award at The Divisional Commander’s Awards at the Tower Ballroom this week.

This is such an honour, as I am immensely proud of my work, which involves holding police community surgeries across Fylde, bike coding, reassurance visits, and more.

Thanks to my line manager, PC54 Tracey Carruthers, for all her continued support and to Coun Cheryl Little.

Andrew Noble

Police Community Volunteer, Fylde Police