Letters - December 22, 2016

Is raising council tax just a short-term fix for the cash crisis in social care?
Is raising council tax just a short-term fix for the cash crisis in social care?
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Council tax rise is not sustainable

Social care is currently in crisis. The announcement last week from the government allowing local councils to increase spending on social care will provide short-term emergency cash, but this is not a long-term sustainable solution and will not remedy the underlying funding problems.

Indeed, in Blackpool we can see how cuts to vital services and a rising elderly population are pushing social care to crisis point. These failings are being reflected across the country where the shortfall from an overstretched, overworked and underfunded NHS is becoming all too apparent.

With an increasing elderly population experiencing more complex needs than ever before, too many people are being faced with a situation where they are struggling to get the vital care they need and deserve.

A short-term solution will not cut it. The government needs to look towards new investment and funding in social care if they going to protect these vital services in the long term.

Dr David Wrigley

BMA GP rep for Lancashire


Strictly star should apologise to town

So, the police investigation into the alleged assault in Blackpool on the Strictly Come Dancing dancer has been dropped. Of course, because there was no assault.

Perhaps Mr Marquez might like to man up and confess it was all a storm in a teacup, and at the same time he may also like to apologise for the irrepairable damage he did to Blackpool’s reputation.

After such the wonderful promotion job that StrictlyCome Dancing does for Blackpool, he destroyed every bit of it.

Trevor Davis

The Riversvale B and B

Lord Street



Lottery players are helping resort pets

On behalf of vet charity, PDSA, which has a busy Pet Hospital in Blackpool, I would like to say a huge thank you to all local players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

As we prepare to welcome in 2017, I want to highlight how your support will make a massive difference to the pets we care for over the coming year.

Thanks to you, we’ve received a fantastic funding boost which will help us save thousands of sick and injured pets, including those in Blackpool. Your generosity helps us provide more emergency care and life-saving equipment in our Pet Hospitals.

Just like people, pets can suddenly fall ill, or sustain an unexpected injury. Whatever the cause, the emergency care we provide is vital. For some pets, immediate assessment and diagnosis can be the difference between life and death. PDSA is home to the UK’s busiest pet A&E service, so this funding helps us provide this lifeline for pets in need.

With your support, we will also be launching pet first aid workshops across the UK. Free videos and online advice for pet owners will be available through our website and social media channels.

Support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery will allow our care and expertise to touch the lives of thousands of deserving animals and their owners. Pets play a massive role in people’s lives by offering unconditional love and companionship. But in difficult economic times, they can often become the silent victims of poverty. And this is when our role becomes so vital in helping to safeguard their health and happiness.

At PDSA, saving and healing sick and injured pets and protecting their long-term wellbeing is what we’re all about. It is at the heart of everything we do.

Merry Christmas to you and your pets, and my best wishes for a safe and happy New Year.

Jan McLoughlin

PDSA Director General


Some celebrations just miss the point

No other person has attracted such a mixture of love, hatred, admiration, criticism, adoration and opposition as Jesus.

Every one of His recorded words and actions has been studied, sifted, analysed and assessed.

His birth sparked off an annual celebration and this event divides history into AD/BC, yet many things we do around this date spectacularly misses the point of what Christmas is all about.

The word Jesus means saviour, for He will save people from their sins.

In all the writings and evidence about Him, there is not even the slightest hint that Jesus was not a real historical person. To deny this is not only irrational but also dishonest, as it pronounces the verdict before examining the evidence.

The main controversy around Him centres not around His words or actions but around His identity.

If God became a man, what kind of man would HE be? Did His life have a unique purpose?

What drove Him to say what He said and do what He did?

In striking contrast to many people’s idea of Christmas, three statements from the Bible stand out.

1. He will save people from their sins.

2. The father has sent His son to be the saviour of the world.

3. The son of man came to seek and save the lost.

These all convey a sense of serious urgency.

They tell us that Jesus came to save people, that these people are lost and they are lost because of their sins.

If you understand this, no Christmas Day will ever be the same for you again, nor will any other day.

John Ashton

via email