Letters - December 22, 2011

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I WOULD like to thank sincerely Blackpool Victoria Hospital Eye Clinic, and in particular, surgeon Mr Naylor and optometrist Mr Robinson from Whitegate Drive, for the fantastic care and consideration I received recently when I underwent a cataract operation, under local anaesthetic, my first ever hospital operation at the age of 86 years young.

Right from the initial consultation with Mr Robinson to the actual operation carried out by Mr Naylor and all the wonderful nursing staff, who assisted throughout the operation, I cannot thank everyone involved enough.

I have been blind in one eye since I was four years-old and have always worn glasses from that young age. I cannot believe it, I am now glasses free at 86; how wonderful, it is a real miracle.

To anyone who is going in or thinking about this operation I cannot speak more highly of all concerned, the treatment I received was fabulous, every care and consideration taken.

Too often the hospital and staff receive bad press. I just wanted to let people know there are some good news stories, and some truly wonderful people involved in the healthcare profession.

Once again sincere thanks from myself and my family.



I KNOW there are some that may disagree but I can only go on my own experience on how well I was looked after following two different operations in the last three months or so, on area 7 and ward 15 at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

I also saw what the nurses had to put up with at times. My painkillers, meals, blood pressure taking, all came with a pleasant smiling face, also the swift attention I got when needed.

Thank you to all on the ward and back up staff.



LIKE everyone on Smithy Lane in St Annes I have had a notification through my door regarding more traffic coming down Smithy Lane.

We have two schools and accommodation for senior citizens. We have had numerous accidents and the traffic is heavy enough here already.

I intend to write to the planning inspectorate. I hope it does some good.

Come on residents write your objections please, also to the inspectorate.


Smithy Lane

St Annes