Letters - December 2, 2015

Aerial view of the former ICI Hillhouse site now under development by NPL Estates Ltd and  known as Hillhouse International Business Park.
Aerial view of the former ICI Hillhouse site now under development by NPL Estates Ltd and known as Hillhouse International Business Park.
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Enterprise Zone is a big boost for Wyre

It’s brilliant news about Hillhouse achieving Enterprise Zone status.

Hillhouse is already buzzing with activity and development, with high tech, high wage industries, ready and willing to invest further, and with room to expand.

In short, it is just the place where Enterprise Zone status will do most good.

Jobs, investment and a massive boost to Wyre’s economy are on the cards, which were envisaged at the start of Wyre’s local plan process some years ago, creating a more dynamic and highly educated workforce, whilst playing to the new engineering and technology strengths being developed at Blackpool and The Fylde College.

Wyre Council, in partnership with industry and the educational establishment, will come up with the goods, by working together as they have done in the past, and now with the added advantage of being able to promote an enterprise zone as part of the business offer.

It’s looking good for everyone living and working in Wyre.

Hon Alderman Gordon McCann

via email


Cyclists have to ensure they’re seen

I appeal to the council and the police to convince both cyclists and pedestrians, especially those who travel about in dark clothing, that just because they can see oncoming vehicles, it does not mean they can always be seen by drivers.

There are available inexpensive reflective and fluorescent vests, which would help considerably.

J Burnell

via email


Thanks to all for a real festive treat

May we thank all those involved in the Layton Christmas Switch-on on Friday, November 27.

Layton Traders, Council staff, the Town Crier, the police and many others contributed to keeping up everybody’s spirits when the conditions outside were less than hospitable. Special thanks to Elsa and Anna, from Princess Parties, for switching on Layton’s Chirstmas tree in style!

Coun Martin Mitchell and Coun Kathryn Benson

via email


Labour is on course for a civil war

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, is a disgrace to the Labour Party, the country, democracy and shows signs of being a desperate man, while the policies of Jeremy Corbyn and his opposition are now being rejected by a majority of their decent supporters.

His outburst, accusing UKIP of being an evil force and using the usual references to racism, beggars belief and is an affront to the four million people who voted for us earlier this year and also to John Bickley, our candidate.

This is from a man, along with most of Corbyn’s hard- left front bench, whose views on the military, the monarchy and terrorist organisations are not shared by the vast majority of the population.

These hard-left throw-backs from the 1970s and their anarchic world of revolution and make believe, are showing their desperation, because they are losing support by the bucket-load in the Oldham West and Royton by election (and the rest of the country) and they are on course for civil war within the Labour Party as the moderates are beginning to rebel.

This shows that the current Labour Party no longer stands for the working men and women and is a great opportunity for all of the voters to unite and vote against this undemocratic hard left mob who do not believe in Britain.

Philip Griffiths

North West President, UKIP (UK Independence Party)


There is support if you are struggling

The Chancellor’s announcement that he will no longer cut tax credits is welcome news for the many thousands of families worried about how they would cope with such a dramatic cut in income. It is clear that the stark analysis of these cuts from the public, media and charities such as ourselves, has made a difference. It has shown that charities continue to play a crucial role as an independent voice, fighting to protect the most vulnerable people in society.

The impact of the proposed reduction to tax credits would have been dire to those on the lowest incomes. We’ve already heard from a number of people who were desperately worried about how they would afford the basics such as heating and food. The announcement will ease those concerns for many.

However, whilst the news is positive, there is still an urgent need to let those struggling know what support is available.

We recently found that over half of low income workers are struggling to afford their energy costs, with a third skipping meals as a result. Yet only 12 per cent have told their energy supplier about their situation and only five per cent have turned to an advice organisation.

I would urge anyone worried about how they, or a friend or relative, are going to cope with the cost of heating their home this winter to visit turn2us.org.uk/NoColdHomes to see what help could be available.

Simon Hopkins

Chief Executive