Letters - December 19, 2012

Members of RAFF protesting at  Cuadrilla's Anna's Road rig as part of a day of action against climate change.
Members of RAFF protesting at Cuadrilla's Anna's Road rig as part of a day of action against climate change.
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HOW reassuring for Energy Secretary Ed Davey to tell us fracking is safe (Gazette December 14).

And then in the next sentence he tells us fracking will stop if it results in more earth tremors.

Safe? Earth tremors? The two terms are incompatible. And if there are more tremors it could be too late. We are being treated as guinea pigs here.

The decision to allow fracking to proceed is, we are told, subject to stringent safety and regulatory measures being implemented.

Ultimately there could be up to 80 frack pads across Lancashire, each larger in area than Wembley’s soccer pitch, and each with 10 well heads.

This needs monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, particularly as it has been revealed that Cuadrilla, the operating company, did not effectively report details of last year’s tremors to their own board, and subsequently to the Government.

Commercial considerations and the need to hide the facts took priority over public safety.

But Government agencies have already said they do not have the man power or budget to carry out this monitoring to the necessary level.

The dangers of this unpredictable process, in terms of its threat to our water, our environment and our safety are significant for our county and for the whole country.

The media coverage has at least made people more aware of this issue.

Visit refracktion.com and make up your own mind.



AS a hard working parent, tax payer and loyal government servant, I am desperately worried about what our government is doing to the education system.

Proposed academy schools in our area is very worrying.

A school is not a business, where a private tender aims to cash in on being profitable for its corporate organisation.

Education secretary Michael Gove needs to rethink. Let the teachers run the schools, without all this ridiculous protocol, which comes from central government.

Get real, Mr Gove, stop relying on targets and figures for once.

See for yourself (without clipboard), how hard Blackpool schools in particular work for their pupils.

Total dedication, under stress, some schools in need of repair, while some government money is squandered away and not targeted to the right places often enough.

It is time to change your stance and stop playing with people’s lives like pawns on a chessboard.


WITH reference to the article concerning marine conservation zones (Gazette December 14), can David McGrath, David Dunlop and Jenn Newton explain just what they want the seas off the Fylde Coast protecting from?

From north of Rossall Point to south of Blackpool, anyone looking out to sea will be extremely lucky to see a trawling fishing vessel.

I can assure anyone the seas off the Fylde Coast contain more small fish, ie new stocks, than there has been for 30 years.


Bold Street,