Letters - December 18, 2015

Blackpool Music Service held its Christmas Festival in the Winter Gardens' Empress Ballroom.'A packed ballroom.  PIC BY ROB LOCK'8-12-2015
Blackpool Music Service held its Christmas Festival in the Winter Gardens' Empress Ballroom.'A packed ballroom. PIC BY ROB LOCK'8-12-2015
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The NHS is under attack from Tories

I was curious to read the letter from the anonymous government supporter and NHS worker that we are not suffering from lack of funding in the NHS, nor is the NHS being dismantled by the Tories’ ideology of privatisation (Your Say, December 14).

If he were really in touch with the financial stresses affecting our local CCG and hospital trust, he would be able to sensibly address the problems of the cuts in health and welfare funding that have been heaped on Blackpool Council.

No doubt, if he works in the hospital, he cannot be unaware of the stress on bed allocation/ward acceleration processes that Victoria are finding it hard to manage. All down to lack of money and cuts in training.

Mr Anonymous is clearly in the denier’s camp when it comes to the breakup of our NHS, and must be a Conservative supporter to make such statements. We all have our loyalties, but Dr Wrigley as a well-respected GP is very brave to challenge the government’s ideology over privatisation.

As it is, we know it is part of a wider plan to cut funding to local council’s health and welfare budget.

As a nurse, he must accept three things: Commercial companies are getting the NHS on contracts to private bidders; not enough money is being put into health and social care; and our health services are at risk.

Roy Lewis

38 degrees Blackpool Wyre and the Fylde

Campaign to save the NHS


Keep friends close, and enemies closer

I was interested to read Coun Mitchell’s comments in Wednesday’s Gazette (Politically Correct, December 16), and his reference that great leaders should pick their enemies as senior members of their teams as opposed to friends and loyal supporters – keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

I was wondering if he was making a direct comparison with his own Labour group senior member line-up, or perhaps providing an insight as to why he feels he may have so far been passed by for a senior position on their council.

If you believe, as Conservatives do, that the genius of our age is truly collaborative, you must abandon the notion that the credit for any significant achievement is solely attributable to the person at the top.

Trust is the lifeblood of good management teams. It’s not enough that leaders trust their deputies and senior members, the public must have faith in them too.

While core values within the leadership and senior councillors must be the same, appointing clones of yourself as your leader’s senior assistants is a decision of disaster.

Leaders need to appoint people who are smarter than they are in a variety of skill areas, and who contribute to make the whole team stronger, whether that be friend or foe. Coun Mitchell may or may not be implying that his own group have some areas of nepotism in their ranks, but if he is then he needs to show his own strength and challenge that within his group.

Tony Williams

Councillor for Anchorsholme

Leader of the Conservative Group Blackpool Council


Winter Gardens 
are smiles better

What wonderful news that the Winter Gardens has received the very well-deserved World Host Recognised Business status!

All the staff there are outstanding in being helpful at any functions as well being pleasant with the general public.

Smiles cost nothing, but in this case has won an accolade. Well done to everyone involved.

Elaine Smith MBE

via email


Pedal power helps heart disease fight

I am writing to call upon Gazette readers to sign up for the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) annual London to Brighton Bike Ride on Sunday, June 19, 2016 and help fight cardiovascular disease.

There are currently around 900,000 people living with these conditions in the North West and it is responsible for over 18,700 deaths each year. The BHF is fighting back through its life saving research.

Registration is now open for Europe’s largest and oldest charity bike ride. Stretching over 54 miles, cyclists will leave the bright lights of the country’s capital before finishing at Brighton’s sea front. The ride is suitable for all abilities aged 14 and over.

We ask all riders to pledge a minimum of £200 sponsorship for the event.

Sign up today. Register by visiting www.bhf.org.uk/events or calli 0300 456 8355.

Nancy Smyth,

Head of Events

British Heart Foundation