Letters - December 18, 2012

Life on the streets
Life on the streets
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I WOULD like to applaud the makers of the Panorama programme broadcast on the BBC on Thursday December 13 highlighting the issue of homelessness.

We have a perception in this country that homelessness is a state of choice.

Professionally, how many times do I hear from people who know little about the issue, blame drugs and alcohol for the rising numbers who find themselves without a roof or bed for the night?

If nothing else, the programme highlighted what a complex issue it is.

More and more people are finding themselves in a place they never thought possible.

I can say, from personal experience, we can never anticipate what life is going to throw at us, whether we are 16 or 60 and how choices made, sometimes outside of our own control, can have devastating effects on our lifestyle and mental state.

There but for the grace of God go I, should be on our lips today as we approach a very cold festive season.

I would like to extend an 
invitation to anyone interested in experiencing the issue first-hand in Blackpool, to contact The Ashley Foundation, see it for themselves and help us to change the commonly held perception of homelessness.


Development Officer,

The Ashley Foundation,


ON Saturday afternoon I was in Fleetwood’s Asda shopping for supplies for Comfort Zone, a drop-in kitchen for the homeless and needy that I cook for in Blackpool town centre.

My trolley was full of Christmas treats for the special meal I planned for the next Monday.

I was discussing best value for money chocolates with another shopper, so I explained why I was looking for value and where the treats were going.

After she had moved on she came back to ask if I could accept a donation and gave me a very generous contribution.

I was so shocked I could barely speak and I really need to say a proper thank you to her.

If you know it is you please accept thanks from me, and from the customers and other volunteers at Comfort Zone.

Thank you also to all our contributors, regular and occasional, and to Paul and Denise’s line dancing class.


Thornton Methodist Church

MY husband and I, and two friends, went to the pantomime at The Grand Theatre which was great.

We were there with four schools and a community centre with a few disabled people in wheelchairs.

I would just like to say the infant school children were excellent – very well behaved.

They all enjoyed the show and were a credit to their teachers.


Annan Crescent, Fleetwood