Letters - December 17, 2015

Andy Murray yells in triumph (Pictures: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire).
Andy Murray yells in triumph (Pictures: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire).
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NHS problems to be exposed this winter

Dr David Wrigley’s Politically Correct column (Gazette, December 9) spelt out the situation within the NHS as it is.

He could have added that the majority of NHS Trust’s in England are running short of money despite, up to now, this winter being acknowledged as a ‘mild’ winter.

Waiting lists have grown longer under this Government and some of the services being offered in our local hospital which have a lengthy waiting list, now have a second list – which is a list waiting to go on the REAL list.

I have personal experience of having this practice explained to me very recently.

I consider that to be ‘cooking the books’ or at very least massaging them.

My GP surgery, or so I have been informed, is now running three doctors short of a full service.

The cardiac centre which I kept an appointment with only last week, told me they are short staffed with doctors.

Therefore the letter Gazette (Monday, December 14) from someone claiming to be a nurse who works in the Health Service is in my opinion wrong, when he/she blames doctors being allowed not to work weekends for the shortage.

The truth is there is a shortage of doctors due to this government’s intransigent and incompetent running of our NHS.

Jack Croysdill

Chair Blackpool North/Cleveleys Labour Party


Alarming rise in asthma sufferers

Onein 11 of your readers has asthma and sadly there are warning signs that more people than usual, including children, are seeking help because of worsening asthma symptoms.

There is nothing as terrifying as watching a child or a loved one struggle to breathe and sadly this Christmas Day someone will be having a potentially life threatening asthma attack every 10 seconds.

Asthma UK has five top tips for managing your asthma at Christmas on our website: www.asthma.org.uk/xmastips and readers should not be afraid to call for help if they need it; if you are having an attack and your reliever inhaler is not helping, call 999.

But I hope your readers all have a very happy, and healthy, Christmas and New Year.

Kay Boycott

Chief Executive

Asthma UK


Could Andy Murray be the next 007?

I read Steve Canavan’s column, on Murray growing on him (The Thing Is... December 10).

I have the same opinion.

He does come across a dour Scot but there’s no denying a great talent.

He actually reminds me of another dour Scot, Sean Connery, so maybe Andy could be the next James Bond.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue