Letters - December 17, 2013

PATH CONCERN Reader Mr D Bunting is concerned over cracks in several sections of paving in Blackpool town centre
PATH CONCERN Reader Mr D Bunting is concerned over cracks in several sections of paving in Blackpool town centre
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Flags already breaking

Costing us

I have written before about the increasing number of defects developing in the recently paved areas and roads in Blackpool town centre.

Deansgate, Abingdon Street, Adelphi Street, Clifton Street, Birley Street, the paved area between St Johns Church and the Winter Gardens and parts of Church Street, around Marks and Spencers are all showing early signs of failure.

Flags and blockwork have come loose creating trip hazards.

Cracks have appeared in large areas of blockwork caused by expansion and contraction.

Some of the flags in Deansgate have been taken up and replaced with another sufrace yet similar flags have been laid in other areas during the more recent pavings.

If they have failed in Deansgate why lay them elsewere?

It is appalling that so many defects are appearing in such a short time. It makes one wonder what these areas are going to be like in five or 10 years.

My only conclusion is that it is a result of shoddy workmanship or design which should have been spotted during construction.

Who on the council was responsible for site supervision?

My other concern is the affect it is going to have on council tax payers.

Long term maintenance is paid for out of the Revenue Budget which includes our council tax.

Mr D. J. Bunting

Birkdale Avenue


Others deserve pay rise

Not MPs

How can the MPs today get an 11 per cent pay rise while the rest of Britain is suffering?

There are children living in poverty and old age pensioners dying because they are afraid of putting the heating on.

This is the 20th century, not the 1900s.

I think the people of Britain should vote on this.

Also what does David Cameron get out of letting more immigrants in the country knowing most of them will be on benefits when our own are struggling.

The people of Britain should not vote for this man again. We want someone who knows what it’s like to struggle.

What about the nurses, and those who save lives and are not getting a pay rise?

Are the police getting a pay rise, are the firemen getting a pay rise?

No, but why not? We need to get rid of the the MPs who are taking this country for a ride.

Name and 
address supplied

Retirement from the law

Good health

Mr Michael Buckley (Gazette, December 4) represented my late father Darrell Pierre in 1982 against the former Blackpool Corporation Transport.

This was a landmark case.

BCT, which was owned and operated by Blackpool Council, lost the case against my father who was wronged in the 1980 head-on tram crash.

The council instructed high calibre representation in the late Cecil Henriques QC.

Mr Buckley later in the 1990s successfully represented myself .

I draw some comfort that Blackpool Council many years later in 2010 mentioned the words ‘sorry’ during a respectful campaign I fought for a posthumous apology for my dad.

It was a great shame my 
father never lived to see or hear the words ‘sorry’ from 
his former employer.

Nonetheless it is my intention to create a positive legacy from the many years of suffering he endured from that terrible accident and for the way he was treated.

In the memory of his good name I will endeavour to develop a foundation to support local children from less privileged backgrounds and proudly sponsor, sports, education and music projects.

In any event Mr Buckley is from a very respected family of legal professionals and I hope his announced retirement will bring him many years of good health and happiness.

Stephen Pierre

Abingdon Street


Home visits campaign

Support us

As council budgets become more stretched, we are seeing a worrying increase in extremely short home care visits to disabled and older people, lasting just 15 minutes.

If carers don’t even have time to take off their coats, how can they support disabled people with any kind of dignity?

We have launched a campaign called Make Care Fair.

But it doesn’t end there. We are now calling on Parliament to put a stop to this indignity.

To strengthen our case, we want to hear from the people that are directly affected by flying home care visits, whether you personally receive them, have a friend or relative who does, or if you are a carer yourself.

Get in touch by calling (01275) 849918, emailing amy.parker@LCDdisability.org or writing to Leonard Cheshire Disability, 66 South Lambeth Road, London, SW8 1RL.

Amy Parker

Campaigns officer

Leonard Cheshire Disability