Letters - December 15

Cleveleys bottom left, Thornton bottom right.'AERIAL VIEW Looking North towards Fleetwood along Amounderness Way. PIC BY ROB LOCK
Cleveleys bottom left, Thornton bottom right.'AERIAL VIEW Looking North towards Fleetwood along Amounderness Way. PIC BY ROB LOCK
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TEN years ago, when Thornton Action Group (TAG) was set up by residents of Thornton, it was quickly decided there were enough issues in Thornton which needed to be debated and action taken and that it would be far too diffuse a remit to include Cleveleys with its very different but just as pressing concerns.

These important differences were recognised by Wyre Council when separate forums for Thornton and Cleveleys were established six years ago. The fact the Cleveleys Forum was not successful in attracting large numbers of residents to its meetings is no reason to justify the proposal by Wyre Council to merge the two communities into a single ‘engagement area’.

Nor should it be of any surprise that the Thornton Forum and TAG focused on Thornton issues.

Why replace an established means of communication between the council and the community with a merger which is imposed and which residents do not want? Can we not ask that there be some consultation with the communities and that Wyre Council listen?



Thornton Action Group

DAVID Cameron has sensibly refused to board the Titanic before it sails into unchartered waters.

For many years we have enjoyed and endured a tortuous relationship with Europe particularly once it became apparent that behind the idea of a common market was a determination by Germany in particular to forge a unified political union with her at the centre.

No British prime minister could have agreed proposals that would have been detrimental to our national interests, and survived.

Claims our veto has killed off attempts to solve the current euro crisis are nonsense for no proposals to do this were on the table.

Critics of Cameron’s action are unable to face the fact that the central problem with the union is not economic or fiscal, it is political.

The union’s problems will never be resolved without far greater political integration. Without this, a stable currency is simply impossible.

Cameron knows this and rightly refused to get more enmeshed in an undemocratic arrangement. Labour also knows this and that is why Ed Miliband refused to say if he would have used the veto.

Isolation is undesirable but preferable to conceding more powers to an ill-conceived union that is bound to end in political integration if it is to survive.


Fieldfare Close


HAVING visited the Circus Panto, I can tell you it is a fantastic show,

What I wonder about is the fact that virtually no advertising is being done to publicise the performance, the odd poster but no flyers. One asks why?

It is very lax of the people responsible for this service, and one presumes this is Merlin’s department.

Maybe they could explain to me as one of their employers, after all this venue belongs to the town, exactly what are they playing at?



Blackpool Community First

WE are absolutely delighted that hundreds of people have given their views about what services they think The Christie should be offering in the future as part of our 20:20 Vision engagement exercise.

Many of those taking part have been touched by the great work of our staff – either because they have had cancer themselves, or because they have supported a family member or friend.

It’s really important for us that we get our future vision right, and so we’d like to hear from as many people as possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite people who have not yet had their say to get involved. Your feedback will ensure we get it right for tens of thousands of people in the future.

To take part please log on to our website www.christie.nhs.uk, or contact us on email 2020vision@christie.nhs.uk by 31 March 2012.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Chief executive

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

I AM writing to express my sincere thanks to a decent and honest citizen, who found my purse in Blackpool recently and handed it in.

I somehow lost my purse in Poundland, and did not discover my loss until I returned home.

When I rang the store and discovered somebody had kindly handed it in, I was overwhelmed with relief and to be honest surprised – my daughter has had her purse stolen several times.

I hope the person reads this letter, so that they know how extremely grateful I am to them – they have restored my faith in human nature.