Letters - December 14, 2016

Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Blackpool Victoria Hospital
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Keep private hands off health service

The Gazette article on December 7 advising readers that our local NHS hospital Blackpool Victoria is so short of cash it has decided to enter the tax avoidance world, shows the massive underfunding Mrs May and her government’s cabinet ministers are inflicting on our health service.

Yes, Blackpool NHS trust board has decided they can avoid Government tax by transferring 200 vital maintenance staff to a contrived arm’s length company which they say is still part of the NHS.

Really it a means of privatising by the back door. “Won’t notice a thing,” says accountant Mr Bennett. Ah! That’s for the first year then pay, staff numbers and conditions can soon be reduced or stagnate.

The tax “saved” will soon be swallowed up by the new company’s management system with the usual eye-watering salaries for the board of directors. Given a couple of years, little contact with the NHS will remain save the need to make a profit at the expense of patient care. In turn, I suppose the yet unnamed company can hope to have its headquarters in the Cayman Islands to profit even more. Is it any wonder the Blackpool South MP and staff unions are voicing concern at these unnecessary privatising tactics to our NHS?

Frank Martin

Dobson Road



Support society’s festive celebration

With Christmas fast approaching many people across Lancashire are getting into the festive spirit, getting out the tinsel, enjoying the mince pies and celebrating with the family.

For me Christmas is a time of such blessing but it also offers a chance to remember those who are less fortunate, children and young people whose voices aren’t being listened to and whose problems are being ignored. That’s why I’m supporting The Children’s Society’s Christingle celebrations, as money raised will go to support children and young people in this country who are suffering from terrible hardship, abuse and neglect.

Last year there were dozens of wonderfully joyous and welcoming Christingle services in Lancashire and this year it looks like there will be even more, so we need as many people as possible to go along, enjoy themselves and donate to support the thousands of children and young people who are in desperate need. To find out about a local Christingle near you visit childrenssociety.org.uk/local

June Brown MBE



Friends and family made a great party

I’d like to send a big thank-you to all my lovely family, friends and neighbours for making my 90th birthday on November 26 a night to remember.

We all enjoyed the night, Breck Club, Poulton, the DJ for dancing and entertaining, the children with his balloon making.

The donations given was £300.40 towards the MacMillian charity, so thank you all again.