Letters - December 14, 2012

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THROUGH your page I would like to thank all the people who came to the aid of my mum who had an accident on the Promenade on Sunday December 9.

She was near the Metropole Hotel when a gust of wind knocked her off her bike, a passing motorist stopped and rang for an ambulance and also a couple who were out for a walk.The police van which was passing also stopped and the officer’s assistance was invaluable before the paramedic and ambulance came. My son, aged 14, who was with her was very upset and they were very kind to him before we arrived. I did not get the name of the policeman but he was fantastic, as was the paramedic, and the ambulance crew had one of the stars of the 999 emergency programme on board so we had a laugh about that. They will probably remember my mum, she was the 82-year-old out on a three wheeler! She is recovering in hospital now but as her family we hope her biking days are over.

Thank you to everyone.


Woburn Road


AT the start of November I contacted you to point out that we had lost our postbox from outside of Horsebridge Community Centre.

I quickly heard back that it had been taken away because it was not compatible with the new street lights, and a new pedestal type box was on order.

In The Gazette on Saturday, December 8, I noted the residents of Hardhorn Road had just received a new postbox after 15 months.

I sincerely hope it is not going to take that long to replace the one on Horsebridge.

This postbox is needed and was used mainly by the elderly and disabled people who live in that area.



Grange Park Community Partnership

I AM writing to you about Age UK’s Donate a Coat appeal.

I would like to call on readers to donate their unused coats to local Age UK shops to be resold and loved again to help raise vital funds to keep older people warm this winter.

The Donate a Coat appeal is part of Age UK’s ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign. It aims to make winter warmer for thousands of older people by providing vital information, advice and practical services. These include getting nutritious meals to older people, helping to keep homes warm, and giving free information 365 days a year. For more information call 0800 169 87 87 or visit us at www.spreadthewarmth.org.uk.