Letters - December 13, 2012

Fracking at Anna's Road, Westby
Fracking at Anna's Road, Westby
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READING the views of those opposed to fracking gives us a real insight into why this country is stuck in neutral and unable to move forward.

One really has to question the motives of those against but a lot of it boils down to pure selfishness – not in my back yard!

Can I, therefore, please plant my flag firmly in the pro-fracking camp.

All of us on the Fylde Coast should be thanking our lucky stars this huge natural resource is right here on our doorstep – not in Oslo, Aberdeen, Lyon or even Outer Mongolia but here on the Fylde Coast.

There is, by even the most conservative of estimates, an 80 year supply, a minimum of 14 times the existing reserves still in the North Sea and we have the opportunity to get it out. Not only is it going to ensure a cheap, clean natural energy supply for the entire UK, but it will also provide thousands of well paid jobs which will reinvigorate the whole local economy.

House prices will rise, infrastructures will improve and, yes, those town centre shops we are all concerned about will once again be vibrant as will the local pubs and restaurants.

If you don’t believe me, take a trip to Aberdeen and see how over 40 years ago oil transformed it from a fishing village similar to Fleetwood into the vibrant city it is today.

Are there going to be problems and disruptions? Well of course, but there is in this business.

My father-in-law worked down the pits in the 1950s. It was a dangerous, dirty, claustrophobic existence, but it was energy the country needed and a well paid job he was grateful to have. With it of course came the associated slag heaps, pit heads, smoke and grime.

It was dangerous and people lost their lives but it didn’t stop progress.

Significantly, by the time those mines closed in the 80s, conditions and safety had improved dramatically. As technology advanced they learnt a better way and mining conditions improved as it will with fracking.

So let’s please embrace this opportunity and accept nothing in life is perfect, all opportunities come with some risks and some danger.

Let’s minimise those risks as much as we can, but please don’t let us stop progress by letting the few deny the majority a better life.




Tangerine Group


Royal Mail is running a scheme to enable customers in receipt of pension credit, employment and support allowance, incapacity benefit and unemployability supplement to purchase first and second Class stamps at 2011 prices during the run up to Christmas. The scheme is designed to help our customers, who are on these benefits and facing extremely tight budgets this Christmas. Eligible customers can buy a total of 36 first and second Class stamps at 2011 prices. To purchase the stamps, customers need to provide a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions, which lists the relevant benefits.

Royal Mail sent a leaflet to every home in the UK. It included a voucher, which alongside the letter from the DWP, needs to be presented at any Post Office to purchase the stamps. Further details can also be found at www.royalmail.com.


Royal Mail Wales

Operations Director

I JUST hope the person who stole my aunt’s purse while she was attending a Christmas fair at church has a happy Christmas.

My aunt is 95-years-old, the purse contained money and her bus pass, so the thief is aware of her age. She was very distressed not only by the loss of money but that it occured while at church.

So beware, everyone needs to be vigilant, there are opportunist thieves all around.


HOW sad to see the ugly trenches made by contractors’ vehicles in Claremont Park (Gazette December 10).

Go along Central Drive and you cannot fail to miss the sorry state of so-called improvements made in recent years.

The small grassed areas created close to the shops to enhance the Revoe area have been damaged beyond repair by careless parking. Once green plots are now nothing but mud - and far from glorious at that.


South Shore

ESPERANTO, the international language, celebrates its 125th anniversary this year and will culminate in Esperanto Book Day on December 15.

In order to commemorate the event we wish to contact anyone in Blackpool and West Lancashire who may be able to help us with information about their use of the language by themselves, or any of their friends and relations.

During a short period of 125 years Esperanto is in the top 100 languages, out of 6,800 worldwide. It is the 22nd most used language in Wikipedia, ahead of Danish and Arabic. It is a language choice of Google, Skype, Firefox, Ubuntu and Facebook.

Native Esperanto speakers, (people who have used the language from birth), include World Chess Champion Susan Polger.

Would any of your readers who have information about the use of Esperanto locally to contact us at the address below.


Information officer


Association of Britain

Lang House

London N19 5ED