Letters - December 12, 2012

Blackpool Town Hall.
Blackpool Town Hall.
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THE recent full council meeting heralded the first to be available to the public via web-cam.

I have attended several full council meetings as a public observer and I’m certainly not alone in thinking they are far from what one would hope to see and public apathy is so low their attendance is usually in single figures.

The expectation would be that key local issues are properly debated with all councillors and votes taken but as can be seen from the latest meeting the only voting was about whether there should be a Santa tram and whether to lobby the government on nuisance phone calls.

The council’s constitution states:- “The executive has to make decisions which are in line with the council’s overall policies and budget.

“If it wishes to make a decision which is outside the budget or policy framework, this must be referred to the council as a whole to decide.”

So it seems strange that regardless of merit it was decided and announced just less than two weeks prior to the full council to give free breakfasts to primary school children without discussion and a vote with all councillors. Hardly a day-to-day decision.

Surely an issue costing many thousands of pounds is more deserving of discussion and a vote than whether there should be a Santa tram.

I have to say in fairness of balance that councillors under the previous administration even from the same party also told me they often only became aware of a plan and what had been “agreed by the council” by hearing of it in The Gazette.

Hopefully the use of the web-cam might progressively invoke a change to much better democracy into the council’s management.

The public could then feel their views are actually taken into account as it is clear many of the controversial changes to the infrastructure to our town and indeed the growing list of problems and failures, might well have been avoided.



OH What a Circus! Oh What a Show!

This exceptional musical performed by AKS School last week was worthy of the West End, especially the acting and singing of Emily Adams as Evita and Thomas Hammond as Che Guevara.

I only wish Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd-Webber had been in the audience they would not have believed these were still students.

The maturity of these two performers was beyond belief, as was the talent and discipline of the chorus, every movement perfection.

What a team Faye Horrocks and Kathy Preston were (they must certainly be loved by all their students).

The first class orchestra under the baton of Daniel Chandler were definitely hand picked.

Thank you to everyone involved in this brilliant intense production of Evita .


St Leonard’s Road,


ALTHOUGH this coalition government’s new White Paper proposal for improving the rights of the chronic sick and disabled is timely, there is still no initiation of a disability rights commission.

This would enable disabled folk to challenge on the justice and housing inequality afflicted oppression of councils and housing associations.