Letters - December 12

Car crime in Northumberland increased over the last year.
Car crime in Northumberland increased over the last year.
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THE police may defend their record on solving crimes, but there’s another side to these figures.

The victim’s side.

I had my car radio stolen while I was visiting Preston, and obviously reported it to the police.

After the considerable cost of replacing the radio and window, I wanted to see someone punished.

So I was delighted to get a letter from the Constabulary telling me they’d got the young man responsible – and he was already behind bars.

But, reading on, I was horrified to see that they’d allowed several similar crimes, including mine, to lie on his record, because it wasn’t worth pursuing through the courts and he had admitted the crimes.

So there’s a handful of crimes ‘solved’ in an instant – with absolutely no recompense for the victims.

Maybe it’s not down to the police, maybe it’s the justice system.

But I want to see someone pay their dues when they’ve been caught out.

Extend his sentence.

It’ll be cheaper in the long run – he’ll only do as he did before once released, leaving more poor victims to count the cost.

Margaret Thompson

Blackpool Old Road

SO Network Rail are going to close the Tithebarn Street bridge, pictured, next summer are they?

Are they going to make sure local businesses are compensated?

Readers may be interested to know that Network Rail is around £25bn in debt. That’s £25bn.

It’s ‘not’ Government run, yet also isn’t quite a private sector firm either. It seems to shift between the two.

How much of a fight do you think they’ll put up to stop paying compensation?

Businesses take note – get as many facts and figures as you can to present to them and make your case as watertight as possible. Give any leeway and they simply won’t pay.

Adam Fryer

Clifton Drive South

St Annes

BLACKPOOL is the biggest dichotomy I’ve ever visited.

It’s got chronic health problems, horrendous drink-related illnesses, yet world-famous attractions, a strong shopping offering, and money being thrown at it left, right and centre.

Why the disparity? We know all towns have good spots and bad spots, but we shouldn’t be world leaders in some areas, and the world’s worst in others.

I love my visits to the town, but they’re always tinged with some sadder sights.

It doesn’t make sense and points to those holding the budget strings as doing things wrong.

Alison Fisher

Edge Lane


Sadly, for many older people living on their own in the UK, it’s that time of year when they close their front doors at Christmas not to see or talk to another person for a couple of weeks, or maybe longer, when the country beds down for the festive season.

This year, the British Dietetic Association (BDA), as part of its Mind the Hunger Gap campaign (www.mindthehungergap.com), is calling on the Blackpool public to take action to make sure their older friends, relatives and neighbours do not go unnoticed and hungry.

Families across the UK will enjoy a Christmas full of fun and food, but around one million older people living in their own homes will carry on going hungry, as they do every single day of the year.

We are urging people to take some time to drop in on older friends, family members and neighbours just to check they are OK and maybe cook a little extra to take with them to ensure they eat a hearty meal.

Many older people suffer in complete silence and are often too proud to ask for help.

I would urge as many people as possible to spare them a little time.


Honorary chairman

British Dietetic Association