Letters - December 10, 2015

Lancashire Nanas Against Fracking at the London Climate Change march
Lancashire Nanas Against Fracking at the London Climate Change march
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Don’t be down, the fight still goes on

A lot of people are feeling down after the announcement that the Secretary of State is to call in Cuadrilla’s appeal over the rejection of their fracking application.

We were always aware this could happen, because if the Inspector refused the application, Cuadrilla could re-appeal and it would then go to the secretary of state for the final decision. We, therefore, must ensure that our case is as strong as is possible in order that the Inspector can say, categorically, this must not be allowed to go ahead.

This will then make the the secretary of state’s job much harder to rule in favour.

We are working very hard now to bring every angle, every argument and every effective witness to produce evidence at the appeal in February, which will demonstrate that these two planning applications cannot go ahead in the heart of the countryside.

There are countless articles published that prove fracking is dangerous, but the Government do not want to listen. Their course of action is to change the rules, each time evidence they don’t want or agree with is presented. We do not have ‘gold star regulations’. The EA and DECC do not have the experience of ‘High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing’ and to some extent will be working blind. They are not fully resourced especially with cuts of 22 per cent yet have increased demands on them due to climate change. How can they then possibly oversee this nascent industry?

We must not get downhearted; we must continue the fight and fight even harder now.

Please do your best wherever you can to show the Government: We do not want fracking in the Fylde.

Rowland Taylor

Address supplied


Give a pet a treat this Christmas

We all love Christmas and enjoy everything it brings and that goes for our pets too.

We spoil them because we love them and include them as part of our family celebrations.

But at this happy time of the year, please spare a thought for the many animals in our local sanctuaries who have lost their special person and loving home through no fault of their own.

Cat Rescue, Easterleigh, Cats Paws, Furry Tails and the RSPCA Home are full to bursting with such creatures and rely entirely on the generosity of the general public to feed and care for them.

A donation to these hard-working charities will ensure they can have some extra treats at Christmas, just like our own much-loved pets.

Josephine Harwood

Moor Park Avenue



Spend some cash on more mobility aids

I write with reference to Tim Gavell’s story on Morrison’s supermarket spending £1m on a revamp (Gazette, December 2).

Is there not a possibility they could spend some of that money on more mobility scooters for shopping? They only have two and when one breaks down, as it does quite often, they only have one.

Being 90 and disabled I need one very week.

On Saturday the scooter I ordered wasn’t available – even though it was ordered it went out to someone else because one had broken down. When I approached the managee he said they are only allowed two. How come some supermarkets have five or six, surely they have a spare one in case of this?

I have been shopping at Morrisons since they opened, and they always have the same problem week after week.

Mrs M Bryan

Crossland Road



Thanks to all who helped our cause

With Christmas and the New Year upon us, we would like to pass on our thanks to everyone in the Blackpool area who has supported Meningitis Now during 2015.

It is only through people’s kindness and generosity that we’re able to fight the disease on all fronts – funding preventative research, raising awareness and supporting survivors and their families.

With your continued support we’re determined to drive towards our vision in 2016, where no one dies of meningitis and everyone affected receives the support they need to rebuild their lives.

2015 has been a landmark year in the fight against meningitis, with the introduction of the lifesaving meningitis B vaccine for babies. This could, over the next decade, prevent over 4,000 children under the age of five contracting the disease. We’ve also seen the ACWY vaccine introduced for young people aged 17 and 18 (school year 13) and older university entrants (aged 19 to 25) – another at risk group.

This is no small achievement, but the battle to beat the killer disease is far from over. Meningitis can strike anyone at any time and is no respecter of the festive season. Our Freephone helpline on 0808 80 10 388 will be open throughout the festive period for everyone who needs us.

To donate, or for a free symptoms information pack or more information, please visit www.MeningitisNow.org

Thank you again for your support and best wishes for a peaceful and healthy festive season.

Sue Davie

Chief Executive, Meningitis Now