Letters - August 9, 2013

Las Vegas
Las Vegas
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Better Blackpool

Stand up

In recent days I have been aware of people within the local community expressing their fears about the future and if they should stay or leave altogether.

It seems some feel ‘flight’ is becoming more viable and attractive as an option than continuing to stay and ‘fight’ for and within our wider community.

They are dispirited by the recent decline of the area over the past couple of years and the constant fight needed to protect the community.

I can really appreciate the way people are feeling and can only say the best option is to fight for our local area and the wider constituency.

Blackpool has problems, everyone agrees on that, and after attending the local PACT (police and community together) meeting, I believe we need a real plan of action for the town.

One that involves all the agencies working together to make it clear, with swift and appropriate actions where necessary, there is a zero tolerance to inappropriate fancy dress for stag and hen parties, that is likely to offend families and members of the community, lewdness, anti-social behavior and drug dealing and abuse.

We need to make Blackpool safe again for tourism to thrive and families to feel they can bring their children here.

That will drive the local economy too.

Blackpool is often referred to as the Las Vegas of the north.

We perhaps should follow the example set in the real Las Vegas.

They do not allow any inappropriate behaviour, dress or lewd conduct on the Strip at any time of the day or night.

Anyone under 18 is not allowed on the Strip after sunset without an appropriate adult.

Breaching any of these codes of conduct results in swift removal from the Strip by police or hotel security, and at times the offenders are taken to the airport and put on the first flight back home.

The message is loud and clear.

Everyone can have a good time and enjoy the entertainment without fear for their safety or other people’s.

Seems like a strategy worth adopting to me.

Blackpool needs a positive plan of action to move forward, one that requires everyone to work together and not be afraid to stand up and say enough is enough.

I say we make that plan and stick to it.

With everyone behind it we can change things for the better for everyone.

Blackpool has so much potential, but it needs our help and now.

David Slattery-Christy

Whitegate Drive


Walk-in centre

Top league

I had a little accident in the garden last week which meant I had to visit the NHS walk-in centre on Whitegate Drive, Blackpool.

I am sure the nurses and doctors were a little weary after a hectic time but the efficiency and medical attention I rated top class .

Nothing was too much trouble.

In spite of plenty of adverse publicity in the press, I place the hospital at the top of the league.

John Spencer

Castle Avenue


Open air theatre


I enjoyed the article and photograph of Joan Savage (Lost Archives August 2).

Joan and her siblings attended St Johns C of E school on Church Street.

I and my siblings also attended the school and Joan was in my older brother’s class.

In the photograph the fair haired young lady, third from left on the front row is Pat, Joan’s younger sister, who was in my class.

As we lived in Fleet Street, the Savage family would often go home the same way to get to Livingstone Road, so we sometimes went together.

One thing which the report did not mention was the open air theatre in Cleveleys, at the shore end of Victoria Rd West.

Norman Savage had a company which played there for most of the summers, so Joan learned a lot from that theatre.

David Pickering


Mobile phones Switch off!

Purely by accident I have found a way to disable mobile phones, only temporarily and only in a radius of 50 yards.

Quite handy when on a bus.

I enjoy the puzzled look on inconsiderate loud mouthed people when their phone goes dead. The facts are, I recently purchased a dog silencer, the one that emits an inaudible sound.

I dropped it and broke the casing. I put it back together.

While on a bus a little dog was yapping, so I tried it out.

The dog kept yapping, but two people from different parts of the bus, on their mobiles, exclaimed their phones were dead.

I released my thumb on the button and restored their connection.

After a couple more experiments I found my eureka moment, I never go anywhere without it.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue