Letters - August 8, 2014

Fracking protesters at Barton Moss
Fracking protesters at Barton Moss
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Impact of fracking camp


As residents and members of the local business community, we are concerned about the plans of London-based activists to set up a ‘direct action’ camp in the area, for over 1000 green campaigners and 

A protest camp designed to encourage maximum ‘civil disobedience’ – such as those seen at Barton Moss and Balcombe – and training sessions on how to squat and evade arrest, will seriously harm the reputation of Blackpool as a holiday destination for families around the country during an important period for local tourism.

We are also concerned about the potential impact activists and professional protestors from outside of Lancashire will have on 
local policing priorities.

A recent official estimate found that Lancashire constabulary already has a budget deficit of £73m which needs to be filled by 2017/18.

At Barton Moss, policing costs were at one point nearly £40,000 per day.

Balcombe’s direct action camp – which was organised by the same group as this year’s camp in Blackpool – cost taxpayers nearly £4 m.

While we support freedom of speech, it would be better if concerned citizens channelled their frustrations through our well-established democratic institutions 
instead of causing unnecessary and unwanted disruption to local communities in 

It really is a case of ‘wish you weren’t here.’

Claire Smith, Steve Pye, 
Bernard Whittle, Gary 

on behalf of 55 local residents and businesses

North West Energy Task Force

Colombo on fracking

Not pleasant

The last line of the hymn 
Jerusalem refers to England’s ‘green and pleasant land’.

This will not be true of the Fylde if fracking goes ahead.

It will be a zone of drilling sites and heavy lorries.

I sometimes imagine the detective Columbo leaving the room after questioning Cuadrilla’s spokesman Francis Egan.

As always he turns round when reaching the door.

This time he says “there’s just one thing bothers me – why is fracking banned in France?”

Ian Jackson

Park Road


Poor pay more for energy

Fuel bills

With reference to the 
current controversy about energy prices, I wonder if people are full aware of what is going on?

A few months ago the PM made an announcement about a £7bn investment in infrastructure.

How is this to be paid for?By a 2.5 per cent increase in our energy bills!

The proposed new build of a nuclear power station? How is this to be paid for? By a 10 per cent increase in our energy bills.

In all my life’s interest in politics, I have never known this kind of 

On the general question of the cost of energy, you have to go back to 

The well-heeled bought shares, people like myself could have bought but didn’t on principle.

Now you have the ludicrous situation of the poorest (those with pre-pay meters) paying the most for energy, and the people who bought the shares (all above board) are paying the least because of the interest they receive for the hundreds of millions of pounds paid out in shares.

If the Government’s pathetic talk towards Russia, and sending a handful of troops and a squadron of planes to the Baltic doesn’t succeed in scaring Russia, and they cut the gas off and we have a bad winter, what then?

The PM’s total lack of 
judgment is frightening.

Will Power

Victoria Road West


Vandalism at rock gardens


I have read about the 
vandalism to the newly 
re-fitted pavilion in the rock gardens on Devonshire Road (Gazette August 1).

It has saddened me greatly.

I have had hours of enjoyment in that park, it is also a great source of exercise.

The views from the pavilion are breath-taking in winter and summer.

Why can’t these mindless morons realise they are hurting themselves, too, as when they come to have their own children and want to take them in to enjoy the park and show where they went to as children themselves 
there won’t be anything left to enjoy.

I used to take my grandsons in the park as it is a great place to let imaginations run riot.

One minute you can be a 
pirate the next a castaway.

We had to leave as the older teenagers wouldn’t let the younger one play on the swings.

What can one do but leave the mindless idiots to 

As we turned to leave with my grandsons, two small 
children came running up to us screaming that the ‘big boys’ were throwing stones at them.

I phoned their parents who came to pick them up.

Why are these mindless 
idiots who like to ruin enjoyment for others allowed to get away with it?

Name and address supplied