Letters - August 7, 2014

NOT FORGOTTEN Blackpool entertainer Duggie Chapman bemoans the loss of the town's Palace Theatre, where there was different show every week and some of the top names in variety would appear
NOT FORGOTTEN Blackpool entertainer Duggie Chapman bemoans the loss of the town's Palace Theatre, where there was different show every week and some of the top names in variety would appear
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Palace theatre


Looking at the pictures in Friday’s Lost Archives pages made me very sad to see the demolition of The Palace Theatre in 1961.

The Palace was a magnificent building with fantastic theatre, ballroom and cinema.

Why the owners, The Tower Company, decided to demolish this wonderful building, at a time when shows were doing very well, I don’t know.

All the top names in the variety world at that time were playing there with a different show every week.

I played there in 1957, with a boy vocal group, and remember at the time it being a wonderful theatre.

To pull this sort of building down was really a crime, especially to make way for an awful looking Lewis’s store. Even that couldn’t work in Blackpool.

Although more modern, the ABC theatre was re-modelled from the old Hippodrome Theatre, which was eventually sold as The Syndicate Disco, which again is now being demolished.

Enough is enough, and we must not let the Opera House or the Grand Theatre, or the Tower Circus Building, go in this way.

These are heritage buildings that can never be built in the same way again, as in the 1890s.

Duggie Chapman

Clifton Drive


Wrong choices

Gaza conflict

I have just been listening to Radio 4, to the devastation, trauma, injuries, loss of relatives in Gaza.

Concerned people, blaming religion, are asking “How can God allow this evil to happen?”

The important thing here is God gives man free will, and this is where all the problems start, for man seems hell-bent on making the wrong choices.

Jesus taught us to ‘love one another’, but the plain message coming out of Gaza right now is the proliferation of evil, resulting in extreme hatred, and violence for the innocent victims.

Mrs J Geddes

Whitemoss Avenue


Make owner pay up

Dog attack

I was appalled to read about the experience of Joey Kennedy and his puppy Lady (Gazette August 5).

This is a nightmare scenario for every dog owner.

Animal-lovers throughout the town will have been as concerned as I am, particularly of the negative response of the attacking dog’s owner, who apparently made no great effort to control his animal.

To start with he should be named and shamed, and if there isn’t a current law to make him pay for Lady’s veterinary treatment, then there certainly should be.

As Joey says, the next time it could be a child.

It will be interesting to learn the RSPCA’s response, but in the meantime, my very best wishes to both Joey and Lady.

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore

Don’t blame cutbacks

Tram travel

Jack Croysdill, Blackpool Labour Party spokesman, in his usual ‘fairground penny a throw’ spiel against the Government (Your Say August 5) avoids significant relevant facts to support his claims.

Government cuts have nothing to do with the Labour controlled Lancashire County Council and Blackpool Council discriminately stopping tram travel concessions for pensioners from Cleveleys and Wyre.

Many chronic sick and disabled people are now expected to use overcrowded and infrequent buses, which are not suitable for wheelchairs, to visit Blackpool.

Labour councils appear to have a vendetta against pensioners, most of fragile health, while Blackpool North and Cleveleys MP Paul Maynard has vigorously challenged such Labour oppression.

Robert McDougall

Patterdale Avenue


Better hygiene please


I have noticed the hygiene in virtually all the shops I have visited in Blackpool is appalling.

I see shop assistants licking their thumb or fingers to pick up plastic bags, then handle your goods with saliva still on their fingers.

Do they not realise that saliva carries germs of different types including contagious diseases some serious? Shopkeepers, please could you try to stop this habit.

Name and address supplied

Any local jobs created?


Much is made of the fact fracking will boost local jobs.

Was this the case with the Talbot Gateway scheme?

I talked to quite a few workmen. They came along with the construction firms.

Could anyone verify whether local labour played a part in this construction?

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue