Letters - August 7, 2013

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Looking after children

Do more

I have cried over the tragic death of the beautiful little boy Daniel Pelka.

Again we are told there will be another inquiry.

I am not a regular church-goer but I went along to a sermon which inspired me to write this letter.

I retired two years ago and since then have been a regular volunteer at my local school.

To enable me to be as useful as I could, I attended a course at my local college.

We were taught about ‘every child matters’, an Act which was put together to ensure children have the support needed to be healthy and safe.

We were taught about the Human Rights Act, the right to life with freedom from torture and degrading treatment.

We were instructed regarding equal opportunities in education, where we understand the importance of valuing and promoting cultural diversity, to respect values and beliefs, for children who speak English as an additional language.

We were introduced to the concept of child protection, which is the responsibility of all who work with children.

We examined school policies which record all concerns, where suspected abuse is taking place.

So my question is, despite all the legislation - who stood up for Daniel?

I sincerely hope when the agencies responsible for Daniel have their conference, they will each accept they failed in all of the above functions.

They need to stand up and be critical of each other.

Specific individuals have to take responsibility and be held accountable for his plight.

If not, then we really need to reconsider child care policy.

A single voice could have saved Daniel.

I felt moved to become a voice on his behalf.

Mrs Rita Mackenzie

Strathyre Close


Another failure

Need action

The appalling and harrowing details of the murder of four-year old Daniel Pelka reveal yet another failure by the social services and the police to protect innocent young children.

No doubt a case review will result in the public being told that measures are now in place to prevent this happening again.

Unfortunately, it will because what lies at the root of these now all too common cases is sheer incompetence.

Until entry standards, training and management are drastically overhauled brutes like Daniel’s mother and her partner - both on drugs and drink-will be able to get away with systematic torture of the innocent.

Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close


London rail link

It’s a pain

I read with dismay the news that the rail regulator has snubbed the appeal to restore the rail link from Blackpool to London.

As a regular traveller to the capital it is an absolute pain to have to change at Preston.

Connecting services to Poulton are very often late and always irregular times that don’t match up with the main line services.

It means a journey
that ought to be two
and-a-half hours is often three to three-and-a-half hours.

I simply don’t understand the ‘capacity’ argument being offered.

There are a number of services from Euston that terminate at Preston, and services to Euston that start at Preston.

So why can’t these just go on to Blackpool instead?

It would save finding sidings to store these trains at Preston, and there are definitely no capacity issues on the Blackpool North line.

I also know many of the Virgin trains crew live in Blackpool, Cleveleys and Fleetwood as they often travel on the connecting services with me.

It’s madness!

David Taylor

by email

Buses are ahead of time!


Nice to see Blackpool Transport being ahead of the game.

I followed a number 14 bus with a large advert on the back asking: “Having a Christmas drink? Let us do the driving - don’t drink and drive.”

There is nothing like planning ahead.

Of course, somebody might just have forgotten to remove the display.

At least it is a message that should be applied all year round.

Tim Rimmer

South Shore

St Annes promenade

So well kept

We always seem to read about how wonderful the new Cleveleys promenade is.

We walk our dog on St Annes promenade a couple of times a week.

The gardens are so beautiful and well kept, the gardeners deserve a well deserved pat on the back.

St Annes seafront is such a credit to them.

It’s clean and tidy and the paddling pools in the last few weeks have been well used by the young and old.

Jane Swann

Stadium Avenue

South Shore