Letters - August 7, 2012

Tram on Lord Street, Fleetwood
Tram on Lord Street, Fleetwood
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I RECENTLY read in The Gazette that Blackpool 
Council is going to become more involved with the running of the bus and tram services.

After the fiasco of Friday August 3, it can’t come quick enough.

It is the main summer season, and they cannot even run the totally inadequate half-hourly service to time.

I headed to Pleasant Street tram stop for the 8.50pm north-bound tram, a car arrived at the stop some 10 minutes early, and I was too far away to be able to catch it.

As I waited I noticed people waiting for a south-bound car were giving up and using taxis. Some nine people left as I waited. By the time 9.20pm arrived I gave up waiting for the non-existent 8.50pm service, and crossed the tram-tracks and caught the on-time number 1 bus.

Watching from the bus window it was so depressing seeing so many people waiting to catch a tram in either direction.

If we are to believe Blackpool Council the trams are doing so well, so why on earth don’t they offer a decent evening service?


Melville Road


BLACKPOOL Council Tory leader Coun Tony Williams has the opinion more privatisation is the answer by bringing in private companies to do the work of the public sector (Letters August 2).

This has gone on for decades under successive governments.

Private companies do not save public money or deliver services more efficiently; it quickly leads to deteriorating service quality and poor value for money.

It transfers wealth from ordinary people to those who own and run big companies.

Thirty years ago gas, electricity, water, buses, trains and telecommunication were all publicly owned, their prices set by government with all profits reinvested, not given away to the fat cats in bonuses and share options.

The pot of gold at the end of the capitalist rainbow is the privatisation of what remains of the public sector.

We cannot afford another three years of the Cameron wrecking crew.


Beryl Avenue


YES, it is good to see the so-called “flagship site” at the corner of Church Street and Corporation Street back in business (Gazette, August 6), rather than passing a shuttered shop.

But a quick browse around the new arrival, That’s Entertainment, showed it to be basically a second-hand shop, albeit one with very realistic prices considering you are buying somebody else’s cast-offs.

The majority of CDs, DVDS, Blu-rays and video games were pre-owned, with just a token nod to any brand new product on a couple of shelves.

It makes a slight change from the plethora of pound shops and charity shops, but it is hardly the kind of quality retailing that Blackpool town centre needs.