Letters - August 6, 2015

Protest at Blackpool Town Hall against plans to close two nurseries.  Rebecca Fleming Neal and Grace Pilling.
Protest at Blackpool Town Hall against plans to close two nurseries. Rebecca Fleming Neal and Grace Pilling.
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Mums and dads are angry with council

Perhaps Ms Simone (Your Say, July 31) should have accompanied her husband to be, scrutiny committee member and Labour councillor Luke Taylor, to the call-in meeting held last week to challenge the Labour council’s closure plans for Grange Park and Talbot and Brunswick nurseries.

Not only would she have heard all the many reasons why these nurseries should be kept open, but she would have also had the opportunity to speak to the dozens of mothers and fathers of the children attending the nurseries who were also at the meeting.

As a former council candidate I know when to put the needs of the community before that of the party line, and this is one of those occasions, pity others do not share this community approach.

Ms Simone would also have then heard first-hand the parents saying they did not believe the council could not have found the money to save both nurseries – after all, the council is still funding the buildings to stay open, just not with the nursery provision.

I was at the meeting, and I could see just how angry the mums and dads were that this Labour council wastes millions of pounds on non-essential, hair-brained schemes while failing to protect the vulnerable.

At the meeting, we all had the opportunity to hear the cabinet member fof children’s services, Coun John Jones, try to defend the closures, which he has shamefully delegated to a council officer to make.

Throughout this whole disappointing affair, not one single Labour councillor, nor indeed Gordon Marsden MP, has had the courage to speak to try and save these valuable community assets.

I would like to pay tribute to Brian and Karen Coope in galvanising the community in this campaign, and also I back MP Paul Maynard’s call for the council to enter talks with other providers or organisations to maintain nursery provision until the 30 hours a week of government funded nursery provision comes in next year.

This will provide an additional income stream which will keep both the nurseries open.

Vince McNulty

via email


How much more will the council lose?

Once again we read of the mismanagement of ratepayers’ monies by Blackpool ‘Borrow’ Council (£94,000 Written Off, Gazette, August 4).

This council, as we know from previous wastages of money ( £372,109 loss on the 2013 lights switch-on) never listens or learns from its mistakes.

In the article, the arrogance shown, with no apology to ratepayers, does not surprise me,e ven the excuses that “writing off debt is never welcome. It’s a fact of life for local authorities and businesses when their debtors go out of business or pass away”.

Maybe, but three-quarters (£76,042 ) was down to council error, not the old chestnut of Government cutbacks.

Monies wasted over their two terms would have more than paid for the Sure Start Nursery closures, but as I said before,they will not listen.

I dread how much more money they will lose in the next four years.

Marcus Polakovs

via email


We need a villain to rally the ‘troops’

I am really looking forward to the Lytham 1940s Festival this year, because part of the entertainment on offer includes mock battles. But who are the Brits and the Yanks going to be fighting, each other?

Portrayed as being “one of Britain’s largest wartime events”, no-one in Nazi uniform or wearing overtly Nazi insignia is permitted to turn up, so that’s the whole of the German army then. This must then become “one of Britain’s most pointless wartime events” if a major player isn’t allowed to take part.

I have no support for anything the Nazi party stood for, but the fact is they did exist and there would have been no Second World War without them.

Okay, so you don’t want the Waffen SS wandering round leafy Lytham, or sipping tea in The Chattery on the next table to you, but at least let them get dressed up to take part in mock battles. It’ll give us someone to fight and cheer everyone up when we beat them.

A wartime event without the main enemy is ridiculous.

A Newman

(Proud grandson of a British WWII veteran)

St. Annes


Looking forward to another jazz festival

It was my great pleasure and privilege to play at the Blackpool Jazz & Blues Festival with both the Wyre Levee Stompers, and my own trio featuring vocalist Lynne Fox.

Stephen Pierre deserves the highest praise for having had the courage and determination to organise and run what turned out to be a terrific weekend enjoyed by musicians, singers and audiences alike.

The event catered for all ages and tastes, and attracted visitors from all over the country, many of whom are looking forward to returning to Blackpool for a repeat event next year.

Bill Barrow

Harris Street