Letters - August 6, 2013

Rossall Hospital Rehabilitation Unit
Rossall Hospital Rehabilitation Unit
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Rossall hospital

Sad loss

It was with great sadness I read of Rossall Hospital being closed, despite there being a clear need and desire for the service to continue.

My mother was cared for there in December of last year following a stroke and, as a non-driver, what was already a very stressful time would have been much worse, had I had to find the travel expenses to visit or get there in a hurry if needed,

However, I am also concerned that your coverage and the councillors who are protesting against the closure, are not asking some of the questions that I’m sure the public would be concerned about.

The unit was built as part of the PFI scheme and the public contribution was, I’m sure, quite considerable and it might be of interest for your readers to be informed how much of their taxes were paid for a building that we got barely a decade’s use out of.

It certainly doesn’t sound very cost-effective to me.

It would also be interesting to know what is going to happen to the building.

If it’s to be sold to a private interest, will the money raised go back into the Trust’s funds?

Doesn’t the public have a right to know what is being done with a property that, basically, they have part-ownership in?

At the end of the day, it boils down to the tax-payer being robbed again by those entrusted to spend out money in our interests.

Things for Rossall went downhill from the moment it stopped being part of a separate trust for local care and was lumped in with Blackpool Victoria, who, from then on, saw it as no more than a poor relation and simply a means of freeing up beds in the main hospital, sending people there regardless of if they met the criteria of being suitable for rehabilitation care.

Derek Green


Seagulls were noisy

Care good

I am 69 years old, and my husband and I visit Blackpool regularly as we own a touring caravan.

We stay on the Caravan Club’s Blackpool South site, which we love.

However as we arrived on July 15, I was taken ill with severe stomach pain.

The site managers promptly called for the paramedics who responded quickly.

They took me to the Blackpool Victoria Hospital where I received excellent treatment from the paramedics, porters, nurses, doctors, surgeons and specialists.

Within 18 hours, I had an operation for a strangulated hernia.

I was in ward 14, the surgical special care ward. I couldn’t have received better treatment if I had paid private fees.

I can never thank them enough for my treatment during the five days I was in there.

Thank you so much to Blackpool Victoria Hospital, and the NHS and ambulance service for being there for me.

I would also like to thank the Caravan Club for being so helpful.

I am now back home feeling so much better and will be back in Blackpool again soon.

I do have one complaint though to make not to the hospital, but the council.

The seagulls roosting on the roof at night make a horrific noise.

No one was getting any sleep (which I’m sure anyone staying in the hospital needs).

It was all night every night during my stay there and was really bad.

Kathleen Turner

Newshaw Walk

Stoke on Trent

Summer show is great

Full of laughs

I am writing with regards to the summer shows at Viva Cabaret Showbar in Blackpool.

If you are looking for an evening full of laughs, great songs and excellent value for money this is the place for you.

Wednesday to Saturday features Leye D Johns who is hilarious and so versatile and a real pleasure to watch along with the Viva Showgirls and Phil Jefferies.

They all work so hard for three hours or more to put on a fantastic summer show.

Also, on a Sunday evening there is chance to witness the legend himself Mr Joe Longthorne MBE, at his very best in this venue which gives a more cabaret style feel in an up close and personal setting.

Joe gives his all backed by his band and there is also a full supporting cast in the first half.

I can highly recommend a visit or two to Viva if you’re in Blackpool and looking for real variety shows at their very best featuring the best of talent.

M. Backhouse

East Pines Drive


Switch on star

Right man?

I am writing about Jonathan Ross turning on Blackpool Illuminations, which personally I disagree with.

The support acts Eliza Doolittle and The Script are excellent choices that will prove very popular.

But why has Jonathan Ross been chosen to actually flick the switch? This choice I think, is quite shall we say, controversial, and may be a quick fix to a problem as other celebrities turned down the opportunity.

Carl Barratt

Ribble Road