Letters - August 4, 2016

Youth Worker Jed Sullivan serving lunch to, from left, Madison Smith, Emily Appleby, Tyler Masterson and Tyler Shorrocks at Blackpool Boys and Girls Club
Youth Worker Jed Sullivan serving lunch to, from left, Madison Smith, Emily Appleby, Tyler Masterson and Tyler Shorrocks at Blackpool Boys and Girls Club
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We need a proper site for youth club

As the excitement of the demolition of the tower blocks fades, let us spare a thought for the building across the road from the tallest Walter Robinson block.

Blackpool Boys and Girls Club built in 1967 and demolished itself only a few weeks ago. This wonderful centre for local young people – built on council land and paid for by fund-raising and government grants, designed by local architect Gordon McKeith, and managed by a voluntary committee – was home to thousands of young people in its (almost) 50 years.

After ground leases ran out in the mid-2000s, the council took over ownership of the building with lots of promises they would look after its future. When plans to develop the site were made public the club was told the council would do everything to help with relocation.

They are now in a temporary building off Gorton Street and rent what was the Mereside Community Centre.

The amazing group of volunteers that manage the club affairs and the youth workers that offer stimulating activities to challenge and develop positive creative citizens struggle in the hope the council will still provide them with a suitable home. The council leader tells us there will be 200 family homes on the Queens Park site – at least 200 children and young people, and maybe double that.

Just the place for a youth centre of the calibre of the Boys and Girls Club. One wonders why this has not happened, and what will be the consequences of a large development with no centre for the young residents?

George Holden

Former Club Leader and Youth Officer


Magical memories are thing of the past

Amanda Thompson’s mentioning evenings at the Pleasure Beach reminded me how much we used to enjoy taking the children to walk round there at night.

We always treated them to the rides, had candyfloss or ice-cream and let them try their luck at the stalls. Those evenings felt really magical, and being local, all our friends did the same. This was after all, extra income for the ‘Beach.

Sadly that has gone, never to return. We now have the opportunity to do the same with many grandchildren but wait a minute – an entrance fee – for those who do not go on the rides, no thank you.

Memories of magical evenings are all in the past, you can’t have a wander round with children anymore. I do not intend paying for something I do not use. Too greedy by far, but then they have a reputation to live up to.


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Nukes are appalling, but we need them

In answer to Mr. Croysdill about our nuclear deterrent (Your Say, Gazette, July 28).

If you look at our history over the last thousand years we have had to fight off virtually every nation in Europe , so whether we like it or not, we need a deterrent.

I am appalled by nuclear weapons, but at this moment in time they are needed.

So tell me, Mr Croysdill, what we could we do if threatened? I note that you are chairman of a Labour group, does that mean the whole of the Labour party thinks as you do?

Bruce Allen

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