Letters - August 4, 2015

The damaged trampolines at Stanley Park
The damaged trampolines at Stanley Park
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Think outside the box to help park

Regarding the headlines in the Gazette on Tuesday, Park Strife (July 28).

The main problem with vandalism in Stanley Park is the way it is managed. Older members and the families of our community have been driven out of the park, mainly by the way it has been run.

What is needed is new management to attract more responsible members of our society to get a balance, I have been saying for years that free fishing should be introduced for senior citizens, and I have suggested this to councillors who have ignored my ideas.

Fishing is the biggest sport in this country, and would attract large numbers of responsible mature people to the park.

We also need to attract families by offering some incentive, it’s not rocket science. At the moment the park is hell bent on making money, and driving older people and families away in their droves.

Parks are for everyone, including teenagers, let’s get young people involved by enrolling them on a new parks committee. Its time to start thinking outside of the box.

Anthony Griffiths

Hurstmere Avenue



Labour is to blame for closing nurseries

I am interested to see that Francesca Simone, fiancée of Blackpool Labour Councillor Luke Taylor, seeks to blame Paul Maynard MP for the decision which her fiancé’s party has made to close much-needed nurseries in the most deprived areas of our town (Your Say, Gazette, July 31).

The local Labour-led council is wholly responsible for making this decision, prioritising other expenditure above keeping the nurseries, which were of exceptionally high quality, open.

In an effort to force a review of the decision, and in support of the families who rely on the nurseries, the opposition Conservative Members called in the decision. Unfortunately, Coun John Jones, Portfolio Holder and the decision maker on this issue, chose not to change his decision.

It was perfectly clear to all who attended the Scrutiny Meeting on Thursday, July 30, exactly where the responsibility lies for this decision, despite the effort of Ms Simone to suggest that the Labour Party is somehow the innocent victim.

The constant excuses of the current Labour councillors and their supporters that their ill-considered and detrimental decisions are all the fault of the current Conservative Government is tedious, to say the least.

Coun Danny Scott

via email


In praise of our Lily, dedicated politician

What a wonderful article about Lily Henderson in the Gazette (July 27).

She is a very special lady, and a dedicated and very helpful local politician.

I met Lily nearly 30 years ago, and she helped anyone, regardless of your politics.

Well done Lily.

John Casson

via email


Some happy days with the Beatles

I really enjoyed your piece on The Beatles last Friday (Memory Lane, July 31), but I must point out that they played Blackpool 11 times, not eight, as was stated by Jon Rhodes.

If you read through The Beatles: A Diary, by Barry Miles, you will see the dates and venues listed. The group played The ABC seven times, The Queens twice and The Opera House twice also. They also played The Marine Hall in Fleetwood in 1962.

I was lucky enough to be at The Queens for one of their shows although I couldn’t hear the band because of the girls screaming... happy days.

Steve Gomersall

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Common sense must play some part

Regarding the article headlined Anti-Semitism is a growing problem (Gazette, July 31), most people sympathise with Jewish people living in fear due to a rise in anti-semitism.

In a similar vein, at a meeting a man sitting next to my husband stood up ranting and raving about people from my husband’s nationality. My husband decided the man was entitled to his opinion and there is such a thing as free speech. But he would talk to him after the meeting. Commonsense played a part, and any trouble was avoided.

However, I have read that times they are a-changing. British law today decrees if anybody at all interprets any word or deed as racist then it is a hate crime, regardless of the intention of the offender.

P O’Connor

Portland Road



Lords’ flaws only boost our enemies

We are fond of proclaiming our democratic credentials when announcing plans to thwart the actions of jihadists. It gives us a warm feeling of moral superiority.

Unfortunately, that warm glow can at times turn icy when our liberal democracy exhibits embarrassing flaws. The result is propaganda on a plate for our enemies.

The Lord Sewel affair should trouble us all because of what he is alleged to have done. An unelected chamber cannot afford to hit the news only when its members are embroiled in scandal.

It is not only the reputation of our parliamentary institutions that is damaged, it is the democratic image. The result is that the undemocratic beliefs of our enemies are given a boost.

Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close