Letters - August 4

Members of the Blackpool Ladies Sick Poor Association at a previous fundraising event.
Members of the Blackpool Ladies Sick Poor Association at a previous fundraising event.
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MEMBERS of Blackpool Ladies’ Sick Poor Association were delighted when, not only our president, the mayoress Pat Dimuantes, attended our 118th Annual General Meeting recently but, despite her illness, the Mayor of Blackpool, Coun Joan Greenhalgh, was there as well.

Also present were representatives of local organisations helped by the association, many of whom were keen to express their appreciation for support given over the year.

It was reported that, despite the worldwide difficulties for almost all investors, Blackpool Ladies’ Sick Poor Association had continued to help the people of Blackpool who find themselves in a crisis situation.

Our trustees advised the association’s investments need continuing support by the fundraising events organised by our committees.

Quiz evenings and an Easter Luncheon provided a lucrative and fun element to our commitment, and we rent a charity shop in Poulton for a week in September, the proceeds of which will add to our funds.

A Strawberry Sunday Garden Party was held early in July, at the kind invitation of Mr and Mrs Appleby, in glorious sunshine.

We were royally entertained by members of Marton Operatic Society, and enjoyed mini-buffet delicacies provided by members of the committees, as well as sumptuous strawberries, in delightful surroundings.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who came and who helped in any way and, of course, especially to Shirley and David Appleby.

This great afternoon of fellowship raised the magnificent sum of £1,556, to swell the funds of Blackpool Ladies’ Sick Poor Association, now in its 119th year.



Blackpool Ladies’ Sick Poor Association

THE devastating murders of Jane Clough and Claire Atkinson go to show that the current judicial system is outdated, and serves only to protect criminals at the expense of victims.

Bail should not be an option for those who have allegedly committed offences of serious violence.

The idea that a rapist or violent attacker can get bail, and be back on the streets until a court appearance date, sickens me to the core.

This current bail system has allowed two innocent mothers to be killed by violent thugs, who should have been locked away for a very long time at the first opportunity.

Isn’t it about time we had a system that protected victims of crime, and not the criminals?

Paul Nuttall

UKIP North West MEP

LAST Friday my husband and I went to see the Hot Ice show, at the Pleasure Beach Arena. It was amazing.

The speed of the skaters was unbelievable, the costumes were a fantastic kaleidoscope of colour, and the music was very dramatic and exciting.

What a fantastic show. If any of your readers are undecided whether to go or not, take it from me, it is a show not to be missed.

We were so sorry when the show came to the end, we could have sat through it all again.


Winster Place